The era of dummy,
user-driven-only apps is gone!

We strongly believe that the future of apps lies in the way they analyze data and commend further actions. That is why Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data Engineering are one of our core investments.


The next decade will usher in both evolution and revolution. The most successful organizations would be able to face the challenges of tomorrow’s data-driven world through flexibility and smart apps will pave their way to solving the real-world problems while providing valuable business insights.

It is Data Science and Machine Learning that would allow for better understanding of customer preferences and behaviors, real increase of engagement and conversions, as well as the automation of processes and decision-making.

Here are just a few examples of what we can help you with:

miquido recommendations & personalization algorithms

Recommendations & Personalization Algorithms

Increase your sales and engagement by learning customer habits and preferences.

miquido big data predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics

Discover the potential future of your business, gain insights into market scenarios and optimize your costs.

miquido chatbots & conversational interfaces

Chatbots & Conversational Interfaces

Automate your customer services, purchasing process or plain tasks like playing favorite music.

miquido big data machine learning opinion mining

Opinion Mining: Sentiment Analysis & Emotion AI

Monitor customer satisfaction and learn what people think about your services, products and brand in order to respond intelligently.


of the Telecom industry has adopted data science to their business. The Financial Services industry ranked second.
of companies are using big data analytics today, up from 17% in 2015.
of businesses say that implementing data analytics is “critical”.
Source: Dresner Advisory Services Report 2017

What we have found out?

Loans taken out in March and April were paid on time much more frequently than the ones that had started in other months.

85% of loans in agriculture, forestry and fishing are not paid on time.

Almost 100% of loans for electric power generation, transmission and distribution are paid.

Data analysis has shown that 98% of divorced Filipinos struggle with loans and other obligations.