– app-etizing mobile solution for a real unicorn


A healthy cooking using fresh ingredient is something we know. But what if you could get them joined right to your door, based on recipes prepared by the best chefs and dieticians on a weekly basis to ensure that dinners are balanced and wholesome? What if you could stop wasting your time in queues and money on an unnecessary amount of food?


Our responsibilities

  • design

  • development

  • iOS

  • Android

  • mobile UX

  • web app design

  • server side


One of the milestones from our perspective was to build a good relationship with HelloFresh team responsible for the product development. Miquido as a nearshore partner was invited to assist HelloFresh development team with mobile technology including mobile apps, responsive web design along with server side. The idea behind this cuts out the need of going to grocery store. For anyone living in a city who knows the struggle of trying to fit into a packed subway, bus or tram with four bags in either hand, this is huge. But in addition to that convenience, HelloFresh also made meals easier by eliminating the process of deciding what to make. Choose your meals, and prepare it by yourself with fresh and tasty ingredients delivered in a box.

Results & benefits

HelloFresh delivered already millions of meals on three continents. Grew to almost 1 M active daily subscribers, and now is at a valuation of €2.6 Billion. Supported by Rocket Internet, raised €85 Million on December 20, 2016, for global expansion. One more success is very close to our hearts. HelloFresh Android App has been chosen by Google to “Best Apps of 2016”. We truly hope that our on-going cooperation put even a small impact on the success of this e-commerce unicorn.