Klassik Radio Select

– mobile-first approach on German classic radio


Mobile revolution also gives us a chance to deliver new attempt at classical and film music, but also other generes like opera, jazz. Klassik Radio – a radio station registered in Augsburg, which covers over 300 German cities is now giving the best mobile experience with classical music. You no longer have to endlessly browse the Internet to keep listening most beautiful sounds ever recorded.

music & video streaming

Our responsibilities

  • design

  • mobile UI/UX

  • development

  • iOS

  • Android


Klassik Radio Select is a unique streaming service which through mobile app offers the best, classical recordings selected by radio stars and music experts. Klassik Radio Select is now available as a subscription which gives the user a chance to choose from two models of listening. The Select splits into two different services:
1. Basic - free radio live with ads fitted with 10 curated playlists.
2. Premium – paid, ad-free radio live with 100 hand-picked channels for every mood and ability to skip unfavorable tracks.
Both models are transmitted in HD quality of sound. With the channels of Select’s classic stars, you can expand your musical horizon with just one click. You determine what you hear. And more important: what not. Select is available only in Germany.

Results & benefits

With Select, Klassik Radio is now introducing an absolutely new business model to their clients where they can decide what and how to listen. The sound quality is also a very important factor. Select sounds remarkably because it streams twice as much data as many other music services to deliver the best listening experience. To enjoy classical music, the way it was composed. The 5-stars rated iOS and Android apps are beautifully designed, fitted with nice touches which make the experience even more special. The project is supported by collaboration with 7digital.