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It is not easy to reinvent something known already for almost 80 years. But Kovue - Washington D.C. based company, recognized as one of the hottest start-ups from US capital, supported by such brands like Facebook and Spotify started to work on a social television project, which will put watching into a shareable experience. Miquido company was chosen to be a mobile solution support and developer.

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Our responsibilities

  • design

  • development

  • iOS

  • Android

  • mobile UI/UX


Kovue is a multiplatform live TV and streaming video service. A social network designed around key social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for a seamless invite process, Kovue connects friends watching a video together in real-time. Users are able to see what their friends are watching and join that viewing to create a watch party experience across different locations. Miquido was responsible for UX, design and application development for iOS and Android platforms which now put significant input to Kovue’s network.

Results & benefits

Most of us use smartphones to check Twitter or Facebook wall – so it was true “must have” solution if Kovue wants to deliver such ultimate watching experience. Television has always had stimulated opinions, reactions, and conversations. So it became simply untrustworthy. Kovue’s focus on real-time voice communication gives friends the opportunity to talk as much or as little as they

want, whether it be about the show playing or to simply catch up! And it all happens while watching the favorite tv show, so you can share your emotions just when they happen.
Kovue is a winner of CockTail’s Hottest Showcasing Startup and recognized as one of the hottest start-ups from US capital.