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Is technology and fast development made our family life easier? In today's landscape, we are busier than ever and usually overworked. Even though we now have new software, smart home devices and on-demand services that promise time-saving benefits, it's a disjointed, complicated experience. We still have to find time to spend with our families.

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Picniic is a next-generation family management platform aimed at helping families stay more organized and connected than ever before. While there are many organization tools available today, parents find themselves constantly switching between various programs to keep track of schedules, to-do lists, and what's for dinner. Picniic eliminates this pain point by putting all the tools a parent needs in one central location that can be accessed and updated by all family members, keeping everyone organized and on the same page. Available in both a free and premium paid version. The free edition gives parents access to basic tools to stay organized, such as the family calendar and to-do list, while the paid app, available for a $15 monthly subscription fee for the whole family, includes more specialized features like the information locker and meal planner.

Results & benefits

The project was a great journey through a life of a modern family. Tools like an iOS and Android apps, responsive Picniic.com – desktop & tablet web app allow managing everyday family life in one central location that can be accessed and updated by anyone in the family. The more astonishing fact is that Picniic has been recognized by TIME Magazine as one of the best apps of 2016.