– car rental mobile application


Skyscanner - billion dollar company and global metasearch engine from Scotland, which has launched the most popular application for searching flights in the world with over 35 million downloads was looking for a solution which will support car rental services around the globe.

travel & location-based

Our responsibilities

  • development

  • iOS

  • Android

  • mobile UI/UX


That lead Skyscanner and Miquido to start cooperation on best possible experience while hiring a car from the offer of 30,000 airports and cities. We have designed & developed an incredible mobile application Skyscanner Cars available both on the iOS and Android platforms. With new app within a few seconds, you can search car hire deals around the world. Special filters such as location, vehicle type, fuel type, vehicle intended use allow each user to select the best proposal. A unique feature of the application is the ability to choose "Last Minute" offers so a user can hire a vehicle in almost any location at extremely advantageous conditions. Miquido was responsible for UX, UI and application development for iOS and Android platforms.

Results & benefits

Application reached close to million downloads. It means that mobile is a serious player when planning a business trip or holiday leave. Thanks to mutually beneficial cooperation, Skyscanner is equipped in a great, useful and well-made application which is now strong point of client’s business. On the other hand, we can say that working with top-notch travel e-business gave us an extremely important experience which we couldn’t get anywhere else. In January 2016, Skyscanner raised the stunning amount of $192 million for global expansion. We are glad that we could make a small contribution to this astonishing success.