Car rental mobile application for travellers



Travel smarter and more conveniently with the app that lets you rent a car with your mobile in a blink of an eye. Thanks to Skyscanner, managing your trip is a matter of a few taps on your screen.


User Research, UI/UX Design,
Mobile Development

Tech stack

  • Android
  • iOS


  • Travel & Leisure
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Skyscanner’s car rental app was designed to facilitate travellers in 300K cities and airports over the world. Today the solution is one of the three modules (flights, hotels and car rentals) of the company’s all-in-one travel app.

Compare cheap flights, hotels and car hire from more providers than anyone else


After launching the most popular app for searching flights in the world, Skyscanner was looking for a solution supporting car rental services around the globe.

That is where we came in, delivering an app that delighted almost 1 million new customers.

0 m new users
0 m app users today
0 k airports and cities
involved worlwide
Skyscanner car rental mobile app screens


To enable a quick search for car hire deals, we have provided effective filtering of the best results according to the chosen criteria. Skyscanner's solution gives the possibility to choose some attractive "Last Minute" offers and take up actions with no effort thanks to seamless user experience guiding users all the way through.

Miquido was engaged throughout the project and responded well to the expeditious timeline. They were proactive in project management and understood requirements and challenges
Kevin Hall - Project Manager, Skyscanner