Vheda Health

– mobile healthcare and disease prevention


Building software solution for the healthcare industry is always a unique experience. Vheda Health, an American company from Columbia, Maryland came up with idea humanizing healthcare through technology. Our great challenge in this project was to deliver iOS & Android apps, mobile apps UX & UI, web app graphic design and web app admin panel.

healthcare and medicine

Our responsibilities

  • design

  • development

  • iOS

  • Android

  • mobile UI/UX

  • web app design

  • web app admin panel


Vheda Health is simplifying the disease management process using a mobile interface that includes interventions for type 2 diabetes, congestive heart failure, and weight management. Curated data forms are used to create a personalized actionable care plan and are matched with a care team based on their individual needs. Weekly live video meetings are held between the patient and their care team. Vheda is simply an effective and innovative mobile health program providing the right mix of human touch and technology, saving health plans an average of $15,000 per prevented hospitalization.

Results & benefits

Combining disease management and telehealth allows to monitor large populations more efficiently and have their individual needs tended to quicker, avoiding unnecessary visits.

Patient monitoring is an increasingly popular way to manage and prevent disease i.e large metro areas. Vheda says that they have decreased hospitalizations and ER visits by over 60% in trials.