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Revolt Analytisc Tool

Revolt is a comprehensive app analytics tool empowering you to better understand user behaviour in any of your applications.

By combining data with Machine Learning algorithms, it can elevate your business to the next level, giving you even deeper insights into your apps.

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Build to give the full power of data

  • User identification - Allows you to build the best ML models based on user behaviour. With Revolt, even
 pre-authentication data can be connected to the user profile after they have logged into the application.

  • Sessionization - Allows you to analyse the behaviour of your users, and completely understand their goals
 and needs. Users flow visualisation can help you answer crucial business questions and improve critical paths in the apps.

  • Your infrastructure - Revolt can be installed on any infrastructure you choose - both cloud and on-premises.
This approach gives you total control over the costs of the solution and the events you decide to track.

  • High-quality SDKs - In order to simplify Revolt integration, we have prepared iOS, Android, JavaScript, Go, Python and Java SDKs. Their peak performance was the crucial focus behind their development. All events are queued, stored and sent in packages, in order to ensure they are delivered quickly and efficiently at the same time.

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    • andriod
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    • go lang

Warsztaty i analiza biznesowa

Business-oriented AI & Machine Learning tool

  • Recommendation system - Apply Machine Learning techniques to offer personalised product recommendations during live customer interaction to improve their satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Churn prediction - Anticipating which customers are likely to cancel a subscription, product or service is one of the most important metrics of business performance.

  • Customer Lifetime Value - Understand your e-commerce target market and make informed business decisions based on information about users and their purchasing habits.

  • Customer segmentation - Allows to identify undefined customer needs. This tool can help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and pricing strategies to provide maximum value services.

Warsztaty i analiza biznesowa


  • Reports & dashboards tailored for business insights - dashboards tailored for business insights - Explore your data and discover value-enhancing patterns in user behaviour. Easily understandable and informative charts help you comprehend your target market better.

  • User flow visualisation - See how your users behave in your app. You can analyse critical paths and effortlessly find potential problems. With this knowledge, you can adjust the UX to make your app more intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Heatmap - Identify weak areas in your app by tracking visitor behaviour and visualising which elements of every screen users tried to click. Then adapt the design to meet their expectations.

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