Abbey Road Studios’ app delivered by Miquido showcased at Flutter Live 2018

Natalia Woszczek-Taszycka | 7 Dec | 3 min read

Flutter Live 2018 gathered the world-wide community of Google’s framework enthusiasts. The event involved a significant dose of technical content, demos and conversations about Flutter open-source SDK. It also featured the case study of the Abbey Road Studios Topline app – an award-winning music recording solution developed in Flutter by Miquido.

The story of Topline development

Topline is an intuitive and user-friendly app that enables artists to catch their song ideas on the fly and save them wherever they are. The Miquido team developed its MVP at the end of 2017. 

The Abbey Road Studios solution turned out to be a technological breakthrough: The app (written in Flutter alpha) overcame the biggest latency issues on Android. This success quickly gained the attention of Google’s Flutter team. As Miquido managed to develop Topline’s Android MVP with the Flutter beta in ambitious time of 3 months, the app was officially presented during Google I/O in May, 2018.

Due to the resemblance of Flutter to React, we chose a cross-tech team consisting of Front-end and Android developers. We faced a lot of challenges connected directly to the new technology. But fortunately, there were even more cases that Flutter helped us solve.

says Izabela Kierzek, Topline’s Project Manager at Miquido.

Why using Flutter for Topline’s development hit the bull’s eye?

Miquido developers praised the SDK for its smooth implementation as well as useful plug-ins and ready-to-go widgets. They also appreciated the time-saving Hot Reload feature, which helped the team notice mistakes faster and correct them in real time. Flutter also helped Miquido optimize and build an APK for release, giving better performance and significantly reducing the file size. Results?

Topline helps musicians through the most vibrant moment of their creative process – the initial idea moment. Flutter SDK improved and boosted our app’s development. With the help of techies from Miquido – our software partner experienced in emerging technologies – we’ve managed to create a user-validated change-maker in a matter of months

– says Dom Dronska, Senior Digital Manager at Abbey Road Studios.

The detailed case study of Topline is available in Miquido’s portfolio. You can also check out some highlights from the Flutter Live 2018 event on Miquido’s Facebook and Twitter.