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Miquido is a place where over 200 passionate professionals align your business goals with the latest tech solutions. We are young, daring, and we want to change the world. How? By pairing up our most brilliant talents with our most demanding clients. Meet the team behind the most customer-oriented software company you’ve ever worked with – and get on board!

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We believe in what we do and that drives us to excel

„We enable a smooth and reliable digital transformation by providing comprehensive services that embed technology into business.”

Krzysztof Kogutkiewicz

Krzysztof Kogutkiewicz

CEO, Miquido

Discover the values that drive us


We won’t tip-toe around a client’s idea if we think it’s a goner. Instead, we’ll provide a detailed explanation as to why it doesn’t work and how it could be done better. Tough love!


We seek out and utilise the latest technology to create better, more effective solutions. This gives our clients an unparalleled competitive advantage.

Business success

At Miquido, it’s not about writing the code: it’s about delivering an effective solution that brings business value to our clients as well as their future customers.

People growth

At Miquido, it’s not about the company, it’s about the people. We encourage their personal growth, competence development, and overall satisfaction.

At Miquido, we always put client first

”a pleasure to work with”

”transparency in everything they do”

”primarily client-oriented”

”stands out in a crowded industry”

”our most trusted partner”

”very high energy”

We are changing the world
– the tech way


Supporting a medical non-profit during the outbreak of COVID-19


A website for an NGO supporting people with intellectual disabilities


A mobile app assisting visually impaired individuals


Utilising Wi-Fi hotspots in hospitals to raise health awareness

We organise events for real tech lovers


Since 2014, we’ve been organising a well-known conference dedicated to mobile app developers. Mobiconf brings together expert speakers, industry professionals, and all IT enthusiasts passionate about mobile tech. The conference covers a variety of topics, ranging from UI/UX design, mobile development, project management, business leadership, and more.

AI Waves

AI Waves is a regular series of webinars dedicated to applied Artificial Intelligence. Miquido is the main host, with experts from various industries aiming to answer the most pressing questions on the contemporary state of AI, its potential development, and future application of this technology.

Halo design

What makes a great app? The answer is simple: an exceptional design, a clean code, and smooth implementation. Since developers and testers get their own dedicated events, we simply couldn’t leave designers behind! That’s how we created Halo Design – the most creative meetup for discussing design methods, the best frameworks, and the experience of working in web/mobile design.

QA Fest

As you can guess from the name, QA Fest is an event fully dedicated to testers and the hard work they put in to ensure everything runs smoothly in every project. Twice a year, we get together at the Miquido office (or online) to answer questions, suggest solutions, and simply discuss the challenges of the profession.


At Miquido, we love embracing new technologies before anyone else does. That’s how we became one of the first Flutter developers, and that’s why we are proud to host the annual Gogoconf – a conference dedicated to exploring the full potential behind Google’s Golang for programming.

Speaker at Mobiconf
AI expert at work
Speaker at Halo Design
QA Fest
Speaker at GoGoConf

We’re not just colleagues. We’re family

Miquido is not just a workplace – it’s a lifestyle, and we want each of our team members to get the most out of it

Work-life balance

Our main motto is “work hard – play hard” and we live by that principle every day! You won’t see coding monkeys glued to their screens 24/7 in here. Instead, you’ll find driven individuals passionate about what they’re doing.

Personal growth

Through conferences, training, and 1-on-1 mentoring, we strongly encourage the personal and professional growth of every member of our Miquido family.

Feedback & communication

This works for our own team members, as well as for our clients – feedback is everything! We want to be on the same page and we’d like to address any worries as soon as they arise.

Career change done simple

At Miquido, our talents aren’t stuck in one direction. We have developers turned PMs, designers turned sales superstars, and testers turned engineers – the sky really is the limit!

Agility & autonomy

With a flat hierarchy, a careful evaluation of inter-team values during the recruitment process, flexible working hours, and more – Miquido is a place where individuality meets teamwork.

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