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Innovation Waves #2 Innovation Waves #2 AI's Influence on the Music Industry and Culture
Innovation Waves #1 Innovation Waves #1 Learn how GenAI can empower your music business
AI Waves #8 AI Waves #8 GenAI: Powering up the enterprise growth
AI Waves #7 AI Waves #7 Harnessing GenAI to revolutionize mobile and web apps
AI Waves #6 AI Waves #6 Discussion about NFTs and the Metaverse in Business
AI Waves #5 AI Waves #5 Discussion about the Web 3.0, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
AI Waves #4 AI Waves #4 Discussion about the future of fintech & digital banking
AI Waves #3 AI Waves #3 Discussion about new AI rules & regulations in the EU
Mobiconf 2021 | iOS Ellen Shapiro Navigating DocC
Mobiconf 2021 | Android Paulina Sadowska Do you need the Jetpack Macrobenchmark library?
Mobiconf 2021 | Everything Mobile Dawid Ostręga Is winning about luck, art or preparation?
Mobiconf 2021 | iOS Bj Kandel AppCraft: Lessons Learned building successful Backend Driven Mobile UI
Mobiconf 2021 | Android Carlos Mota An Android, a Desktop, and a web developer enter in a bar
Mobiconf 2021 | Everything Mobile Anna Gawlikowska Your Brain is a Liar: Cognitive Pitfalls at Work & How to Fight Them