3 reasons why Miquido decided to become the partner of Abbey Road Studios’ first hackathon

Natalia Woszczek-Taszycka | 24 Oct | 3 min read

A big thing is coming in the world of music!

Abbey Road Studios – the legendary studios of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie or Daft Punk – and Abbey Road Red department are organising their first-ever hackathon on Nov 10-11th. The event will be supported by Miquido team, who is also responsible for the development of the studios’ Topline application for songwriters. It will gather the community of future-forward engineers, artists, producers, and academics eager to bring innovation to the creative industry. Why did we decide to support the 24-hour challenge?

Experience in the music industry

Over the years, Miquido delivered a number of applications for music and video streaming. Learning practical lessons during each project made us excel in the multimedia business. Our team takes care of the development, design, and optimisation of apps for music (and beyond!), keeping in mind the complexity and specificity of creative enterprise. We aim to bring a digital revolution to the world of music lovers and remaster business ideas – supporting the Abbey Road Studios’ hackathon is a way towards our mission.

Future-forward approach to technology

The Miquido team simply loves innovation in tech. From the very beginning of our cooperation with Abbey Road Studios’, known for adopting their innovatory recording techniques, we just felt we’re birds of a feather. And we mean it – we delivered the Topline app working hand in hand with Abbey Road Studios, musicians – we created one of the most user-friendly tools on the market.

Contribution to the real-life change

The first hackathon by Abbey Road Studios’ is focusing on the unexpected uses of AI technology, audio APIs and hardware integrations. The topic couldn’t correlate more with the core interests of Miquido. Our team takes a deep dive into Data Science and empowering projects with the boost of Machine Learning. We do it for a reason. Our aim is to unfold the power of new technologies and the impact they may bring to people’s lives. In the field of audio streaming and processing, the sky’s the limit for Data Science. The forthcoming hackathon is the opportunity to witness the incubation of problem-solving ideas which, combined with technology, may be a starting point for successful solutions improving everyday activities of their users.

Do you want to take part in the Abbey Road Studios’ hackathon?
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until 26th Oct!

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