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Our team helped Google refine Flutter

Working closely with core Flutter developers, before version 1.0 was officially released, we created our first Flutter mobile app – Topline by Abbey Road Studios.

Flutter Mobile App Development

Topline by Abbey Road Studios

The Topline App helps musicians catch and save song ideas on the go. Our team crafted the native iOS app and its version in the Flutter framework, resulting in a breakthrough recording solution that addresses latency issues on mobile and offers a simple, intuitive UX/UI. Our solution was greatly appreciated and featured at the Google I/O conference in May 2018.

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The Topline app resulted in a spectacular success

Featured at Google I/O 2018

Music App of the Year 2018

Best UX and UI Design 2018

They’re probably one of the easiest vendors I’ve ever worked with in the digital space. They have our best interests in mind. The team went the extra mile in negotiating costs and delivering within a flexible scope. They’re customer focused and strong in terms of development quality.
Dominika Drońska,
Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Abbey Road Studios

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What makes Miquido the top Flutter development company

A team of Flutter pioneers

Our team worked on our first Flutter app before the SDK’s version 1.0 was officially launched.

Collaborating closely with the team of core Flutter developers from Google, we gained hands-on experience that allowed us to create Topline – an award-winning app featured at Google I/O conference in 2018.

Apps recognised worldwide

Over the 10 years of our experience in software development, the Miquido team has been trusted by world-renowned brands such as Skyscanner, Travelport, Aviva, BNP Paribas, and others.

We create top-performing web and mobile applications for industries like e-commerce, banking, music, or travel.

Award-winning software house

Miquido is a Google-certified software house and a member of the Google Developers Agency Program. This title has been awarded to just 50 companies globally and marks excellence in software development and a customer-focused attitude.

A portfolio of 100+ projects we created granted us recognition at the UK App Awards, Mobile Trends Awards or Fintech Awards.

Customer-oriented approach

The numbers speak for themselves – 9/10 of our projects come from referrals.

Our team will deliver the prototype of your app in 2 weeks, and the MVP of your application in 10 weeks. Transparency and seamless communication are our key values that help our clients feel in control throughout the development process.

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Timesheets is a mobile app created with Flutter for iOS and Android. Thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly design, this productivity tool simplifies time tracking processes and team management.

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An AI-based plant care advisor for your home jungle. Using computer vision techniques, we created a Flutter mobile app that will recognize the type of a house-plant from its image and provide the user with care tips.

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Benefits of Flutter development

Faster app development

Flutter allows your team to develop the app in a faster and more dynamic way. Instead of writing separate codebases for the Android and the iOS app, developers just need to create a single one that will work for both. That means saving half of the time it takes to build both apps natively. Cool, right?

Moreover, thanks to the “hot reload” Flutter feature, developers can make changes, fix bugs, and add new features on the go. It’s an experiment-friendly solution that helps you bring your app ideas into life and check their performance in an instant. That trick proves handy during the design phase of the project as well, as it allows to make quick changes in the app’s design and see the results live in a blink of an eye.

Finally, having one app for both Android and iOS equals less time spent on testing. Quality Assurance needs to be done just for one app instead of two. Results? You’ll see your idea turned into reality faster than you expect. Our team will develop the MVP of your Flutter mobile app in 10 weeks.

Improved app performance

Flutter performs incredibly well both on iOS and Android. Dart – a programming language used in Flutter – compiles into native code, which simplifies the communication between the app and the platform. Thanks to that, your app users receive a smooth, native-like app experience without crashing or cutting. A hot reload feature makes bug fixes fast and regular.

Also, since Flutter-created widgets are a part of the application itself and not the platform, the risk of compatibility issues on different OS versions is greatly reduced.

Reduced development costs

When you decide to go with Flutter for your mobile project, you won’t need separate development teams for both iOS and Android. That’s thanks to the single codebase used in Flutter for both platforms. Moreover, about seventy percent of the source code is shared and reused, which means that even more time and resources can be saved in the future. Also, having one app for both Android and iOS equals less time spent on testing. Thanks to that, the QA procedures are greatly simplified and require less effort.

Cross-platform development (mobile, web)

The opportunities for Flutter app development don’t seem to end at mobile. Thanks to the recently released Flutter Web, there will soon be a chance to use the SDK for building not only mobile but also web applications.

The components used previously to build cross-platform mobile applications can be used again for creating a web application, saving money and time spent on separate web development. Flutter Web is already predicted to be a breakthrough in cross-platform app development, bringing web apps into the picture. Our team is already working on our first projects, including Flutter Web development.

Exquisite, user-oriented design

Flutter was created to help bring your users the best app experience possible. The SDK allows you to easily create your own widgets or customise existing ones. If outstanding app design is your goal, Flutter also supports animation and motion design features.

Thanks to the rich set of Material Design and Cupertino (iOS-flavor) widgets built using Flutter’s own framework, we can create a beautiful, brand-driven and user-oriented design. The included set of widgets helps you build UIs that will automatically incorporate with the major component for both mobile platforms – Android and iOS. Also, apps created with Flutter run smoothly and look exactly the same on older devices as well.

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Flutter performance: is it as good as the performance of a native app?

Sure. Flutter applications are known for their remarkably high native performance. The SDK has most of the native components, and there is no need for a bridge to communicate with native modules. Although depending on the features, some things might of course run slightly less smoothly, the overall performance is as good as the one of natively created apps.

Reduced cost: can I save money by developing my app in Flutter?

Choosing Flutter for your project means using just one codebase, within one technologically connected team, going at one pace. You don’t have to look for vendors of two different technologies and then synchronize their work. There’s no need to duplicate the same payment function or social media authorization. However, this doesn’t mean that you will be able to limit the number of outlays by two times. It is often a bit more complicated to deliver a certain functionality for cross-platform.

To grasp the bigger picture here, let’s take a look at some numbers. It is estimated that it can take up to 20% – 50% more time to create a cross-platform feature than to create the same feature natively. However, compared to building both apps separately, 20% to 50% more time spent can still be a winning case for your budget.

Also, try to think about the course of events once your application succeeds. When it goes into maintenance it is much easier to maintain the app with one Flutter specialist. Your business might not be able to find tasks for several different developers full-time just by maintaining the code.

Flutter vs React Native – which one should I choose for my project?

React Native is often mentioned as the closest competitor to Flutter. Both can save you time and resources, both will grant you a great performing, native-like app. Before taking your pick, it’s best to review your project’s requirements and specify your own needs. However, here are some factors to keep in mind.

  • User Interface: if you care about gesture-related UI (swiping, dragging, etc.) or would like the UI to reflect your branding, Flutter will be the way to go.
  • Project scope: if your app is going to be maintained and developed over the years (or the team working on it may change over time),Flutter may be a better solution.
  • Mechanisms and integration: If you wish to use more complex mechanisms (Bluetooth, biometrics, geolocation) or external integrations (payments, social media), go with React Native – it has a wider spectrum of libraries available for now.
  • Web development: If the web is the key touchpoint for your business, choose React Native. The framework produces a browser application much closer to native developed products and seems to be more stable at the moment.

Click here to learn more about the differences between Flutter and React Native on our blog.

Flutter app features: can I have the same features as in a native app?

Absolutely. The sky is no longer the limit! Anything that can be developed natively, can be done in Flutter as well. Most of the features can be implemented within the Flutter architecture. However, even if some solutions are not directly available there, you can always implement some parts of your app natively and call them from Flutter using Platform Channels.

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