The AI-powered time-tracking tool for businesses


About Timesheets solution

Timesheets is an intuitive time-tracking solution created for co-operating, multitasking teams. It sums up working hours, tracks time spent on each project or task, and lets you export time reports. Timesheets also has a Custom BI dashboard for invoicing purposes which helps spot irregularities in the reports. That way no working hours are missed.

Timesheets was originally created to answer Miquido’s own needs. Then we realised that lots of other businesses struggle to find an effective time-tracking tool. That’s how we decided to release Timesheets to be used by other companies as well.

The solution is integrated with the most popular tools such as voice assistants (Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri), chatbots (Slack, Hangouts) and plugins (Jira). Design and setup of Natural Language Understanding engine was created using Google Dialogflow.


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Artificial Intelligence

Tech stack


AWS Glue

AWS SageMaker

Apache Spark


Google Data Studio