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EmpikGO is a direct answer to the developing trend for digital books. Thanks to the app, your favorite resources are available on a mobile device to access wherever you are, also offline. Read and listen straight away.


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  • Nomination: Mobile Trends Awards 2017
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EmpikGO is the largest base of audiobooks and ebooks in Poland accessible via your mobile in an easy subscription model. It’s a neat changemaker for all book-lovers having a read on the fly.

Enjoy the freedom of reading and listening with one app combining an ebook reader and an audiobook player


Facing the increasing demand for digital books, Empik decided to develop a UX-first mobile app for reading and listening.

We took up the challenge to combine audio & ebooks into a single app for smartphones and tablets and made the features compatible with an account.

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UX/UI audit

We’ve analysed and evaluated the existing design and came up with a concise design improvement strategy.

Innovation workshops

After UX/UI audit, we’ve run a customer journey analysis and formed a step-by-step plan of boosting users’ engagement and in-app retention.

Data-Driven Design

We’ve taken a deep dive into the customers’ feedback and iteratively involved their suggestions into the final designs.


We've started EmpikGO project with a profound UX/UI audit, followed by a design workshop and a product-improvement planning. Thanks to this approach, we could focus on user-oriented fixes e.g. personalising the audio reading pace, adjusting font size or the colour of the background. We have enabled sharing quotes on social media and reading samples of ebooks before making a decision to purchase them. EmpikGO's subscription model is easy and comfortable, and it lets its users access new, exclusive releases of the Empik network.

They really digged deep to understand our industry and customer needs. They are truely engaged and always up for the next challenge
Michał Kiender - Senior Product Manager, Empik

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