Self-care which boosts digital transformation of Herbalife



It is a real lifehack for Herbalife members. HerbalifeGO app is conveniently synchronised.


UX/UI Design, Mobile Development,
Web & Cloud Development

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Android, iOS,
Java, AWS



Casestudy Herbalife Nutrition Self-Care Mobile App


HerbalifeGO simplifies the routine of ordering products, planning your meals’ schedule and monitoring your nutrition results. It is everything you need to manage your diet and fitness in one place.

Herbalife Nutrition’s products are designed to educate customers and inspire them to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle


Herbalife’s aim was to create a mobile app that would let their customers purchase nutrition products on the go, compose meal plans and easily track their measurements.

We developed the app in 6 months, enabling Herbalife to present their app on their annual Extravaganza event.

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HerbalifeGO application provides consumer-friendly UX, which lets Herbalife customers make their orders effortlessly and easily. The solution is designed to enable self-care features, e.g creating a meal plan or tracking the measurements. To increase users' comfort even more, we have localised the catalogs with products and provided several payment gateways. As a result, the app was a centerpiece at Herbalife Extravaganza 2016.

Their overall professionalism, knowledge, and support make them a great company to work with
Software Product Manager, Herbalife