A personal voice assistant for instant travel insurance offers


About PZU solution

PZU Insurance Assistant is the first application for Google Assistant in Poland that supports the mobile purchase of travel policies with an AI-powered voice advisor. It lets users choose their travel policy on the run, without a single tap on the screen.

The Assistant collects all necessary information, e.g. the destination or the aim of your travel, compares offers, and suggests the best deal for your travel insurance.

We developed the precursory project with no benchmark (none of the insurance companies in Poland had ever used Actions on Google before) and we completed the entire project in less than 6 weeks. The project was developed in a team of Miquido VUI designers, cloud professionals, developers and data science experts. We started with designing the flow of conversation and building the assistant’s persona. The next steps involved an environments setup, app development and training the Natural Language Understanding algorithms to let the action pass the review and be successfully released.

Today, PZU action analyses the details of the trip and picks the best, personalised deals. For further assistance, it also enables a reminder notification.



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Miquido presented a very innovative approach. They were always open-minded and capable of delivering reasonable solutions for typical business problems.
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