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VhedaHealth - healthcare management mobile app

About VhedaHealth solution

Vheda Health approached Miquido with an idea to build a comprehensive solution for remote disease management and monitoring. The keystone of the project was to create an innovative solution that maintains the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and the human factor.

Our solution for the mobile interface incorporated interventions for type 2 diabetes, congestive heart failure, and weight management. Curated data forms are used to create a personalised actionable care plan and are matched with a care team based on their individual needs. Weekly live video meetings are held between the patient and their care team.

Miquido team developed and designed mobile applications for both iOS and Android. We also took care of Vheda’s web application design and created a web administration panel.


Mobile Development

Web Development


Tech stack



60 %
decrease in hospitalisations
and ER visits in trials
up to
$ 15 k
saved per prevented

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