How to optimise your app in Google Play

Agnieszka Gawron-Gudowska | 24 Jan | 5 min read

So you already know the definition of ASO and its basic rules (if you don’t, go to my previous article). Now, what are the crucial rules of optimising your app in Google Play?

App icon

On Android, the most important visual is your app’s icon. It’s the first element people see during their search. Make sure your icon draws users’ attention.

App title

Your app’s title can also be part of your ASO strategy. It should be interesting, easy, memorable, and self-explanatory, but it should also contain keywords. Make sure you choose the most important ones — you’ll rank higher with the phrases used in the title. In Google Play, space is limited to 50 characters, so you should choose the words with special care.

App description

Of course, your copy should intrigue users. Also, if you work in marketing on a daily basis, it should be easy for you to meet ASO recommendations for keyword usage. Unlike in the App Store, in Google Play you can use rich formatting (HTML) and emojis to make the description stand out. Hint: It is also reported to increase downloads.

Also, remember that the information about your app can be localised. You should prepare a description in each language that you want to target your app to.


Keywords are words or phrases (long tail keywords) which best describe your app’s features. They should be well selected and used in a user-friendly way (e.g., do not overcrowd your text with key phrases or make artificial keyword lists).

Consider which keywords are better for you. There are words which receive a lot of search traffic but are also used by many other apps. The other ones may have less traffic, but also lower competition. Tools like App Annie will help you figure out what pays off better in case of your app.

“What’s new” section

This section expands your opportunity to share keywords and draw people’s attention. Avoid technical information or meaningless sentences — consider how to present new features and upgrades in a way which will be interesting and engaging for end users. In Google Play, there are only 500 characters to use, so you should choose each of them with care.

Graphics and motion

The feature graphic plays a very important role as it is the first thing they see when they finally land on your store listing. Then, if they scroll down, they will see your app screenshots. Use them to show the most desirable features of the app, entertain and convince people to download your solution. You can attach a link to a video presenting your application. It should be short and put the most important content in the first 5 seconds of the movie.


Reviews can be a great source of feedback from your final users, and you can use it for further app enhancements. It is possible that the keywords used in reviews and replies are counted as well as the main description. Moreover, it is reported that people who get a reply tend to increase their ratings as well.

That’s all for now — I hope you’ll use these tips to make your app shine in Google Play. If you’ve got any additional questions, drop us a note at And If you want some insights considering the Apple App Store Optimisation, go to my next article.