Anna Gawlikowska 18 Sep 6 min read

Tourism & Leisure with Mobile Apps: Make Life Easier

Agnieszka Gawron-Gudowska 13 Sep 3 min read

Meet with mobile global leaders only at Mobiconf!

Agnieszka Gawron-Gudowska 26 Jul 4 min read

How to respond to user reviews in iTunes Connect

Paweł Lewiński 17 Jul 5 min read

Brace yourself: users will rate your app!

Paweł Zieliński 11 Jul 4 min read

Mobiconf’s 2017 agenda is live and it’s incredible!

Anna Gawlikowska 20 Jun 7 min read

Foster Your Greatness! Embrace Scrum

Paweł Lewiński 7 Jun 5 min read

Is the App Store Optimization a cure for an app clutter?

Agnieszka Gawron-Gudowska 30 May 2 min read

Get your Early Bird ticket to Mobiconf 2017

Paweł Zieliński 24 May 2 min read

Webit Awards: Miquido & Picniic won the Most Innovative Mobile App category in CEE!

Agnieszka Gawron-Gudowska 27 Mar 3 min read

Why supporting mobile communities’ matters

Agnieszka Gawron-Gudowska 16 Mar 3 min read

Why mobile UX design is so important?

Anna Gawlikowska 24 Feb 4 min read

How Mobile is Hiper-Agile: Rule Your Project

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