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Looking for a cutting-edge tech solution? Go with Artificial Intelligence! Miquido specialises in providing seamless AI and Deep Learning solutions for businesses of all sizes and colours. Whether it is Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Voice Assistants and Chatbots, or something even more advanced – you’ve come to the right place.

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Stay up to date with new possibilities. Explore our artificial intelligence services and see how you can enhance your products and create unique AI-based solutions.

Process of developing machine learning solutions

Machine Learning

Implementing Machine Learning in your business will help you process large amounts of data and make useful conclusions based on it. Our Machine Learning engineers craft custom AI solutions using supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning used for credit scoring, opinion mining, building recommendation systems, and more. With the aid of ML, you’ll also be able to make better informed decisions, forecast sales, improve user analytics, just to name a few opportunities.

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A woman using AI-based voice assistant

Virtual assistants

When it comes to digital business, user experience is the key to success, so it’s no wonder that voice assistants and chatbots have become particularly popular across various industries. Our AI development team creates personal assistants that will help to make your products more attractive to users, as well as improve the overall communication with your customers. Intelligent FAQ bots, customer service virtual assistants or voice user interface for your product – these are just some examples of what we can create.

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A man developing data science solutions

Data Science

Making sense of available data can prove to be a crucial asset for business development purposes. By getting actionable, data-driven business insights, you’re able to obtain a better overview of your business strategy and reach out for new opportunities. We help companies find patterns and analyse them to get relevant, data-based information. Our Data Science team deals with Big Data to learn about what’s really important to your business, make churn predictions, run behavioural analyses, create Business Intelligence dashboards, and much, much more.

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Example of computer vision solution

Computer Vision

Thanks to computer vision, we can process images and videos in search for specific information; think of it as a way for machines to understand visuals and translate them into valuable insights. At Miquido, we create solutions capable of recognising objects, classifying photos and indexing content – all to help your product gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos. With computer vision solutions, you’ll be able to automate tedious processes, from content moderation to verifying client identities.

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Why choose Miquido as your Artificial Intelligence development company

The right approach to AI development can truly take your business to the next level. See why you should trust us with your AI-based digital products.

Full-service approach to AI development

We always try our best to accommodate client needs, and that means taking care of their project from beginning to end. You can bring us your product idea, and we’ll take care of everything else, from product strategy, through development, all the way to maintenance, support and potential future changes, thus eliminating the need to hire multiple different teams.

AI solutions tailored to your needs

Artificial Intelligence can open up many different possibilities both to established businesses and new players on the market. We offer a variety of Artificial Intelligence solutions to make sure that each and every one of our clients can benefit from those opportunities. Machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and data science – with our help, you can choose the service that best fits your goals and requirements.

Trusted and recognised worldwide

We treat our clients as partners and base our process on mutual trust and transparency. Over the years, we’ve worked with companies from different backgrounds and with various business needs, and we take pride in the fact that 9 out 10 of our projects come from referrals. Our team of AI experts is ready to bring your idea to life, whether it’s about a custom made solution or simply understanding your audience better.

Award-winning digital agency

We ensure that every product we develop is polished and works seamlessly, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Over the years that we’ve been in the business, our portfolio of over 100 projects has brought us recognition from the UK App Awards, Mobile Trends Award, and many others. We’re also one of fifty Google-certified software houses, so you can be sure that your project is in good hands.

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Looking for artificial intelligence services for your business? See how we’ve helped our clients with their projects.

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Miquido presented a very innovative approach. They were always open-minded and capable of delivering reasonable solutions for typical business problems.

Director of Innovation, PZU

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We’re impressed by the Miquido attention to detail and their transparency in everything they do.

James Allan To

Chief Commercial Officer, Nextbank Software Inc.

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Our development process

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    Workshops & preparation

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    Design & development

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    Product release

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    Maintenance & support

Understanding your project idea

First we identify the scope of the project and take our time to go through your requirements, business plans and expectations. Afterwards, we discuss the features you want your AI solution to have, and estimate the complexity of the whole project. This part of the process will help you choose the appropriate tech services required to support your idea. When we’re done with that, we’ll be able to give you a general quotation and development schedule.

Sharpening the vision and discussing the details

In order to better understand your business needs, we prepare a series of Workshops with our Data Scientists and Data Engineers. During those meetings, we will go through all your requirements, describe the available Artificial Intelligence solutions that would fit the project, as well as software packages and data infrastructure to help you polish your idea and pick the right strategy.

Bringing your project idea into reality

This phase begins with data collection, consolidation and processing to get it correctly formatted and ready for modeling. After that, we choose an algorithm suitable for your modelling case, which will be used to train the model with available data. The development process is iterative, as it is based on refined and repeated modelling to make certain that the solution we chose is the best for your specific case. The length of this phase depends on the project size and complexity.

Bringing your product to the market

The big day has come – your product is ready to be released! As soon as it goes live, we manage the deployment and release it under the agreed infrastructure. Time is of essence during this stage, so we make sure that every element of the system is released on schedule and works seamlessly. After the product is brought to the market, you can still count on our ongoing support.

Taking good care of your product

Building long-term relationships with our clients is what Miquido is all about. Your digital product is released, but this doesn’t mean the journey ends here. If there are any additional features you’d like to add, some changes that you want to make or simply want us to take care of maintenance, we’re ready to be of assistance. Also, if you’d like to transfer the project to your in-house team, then we’ll make sure the process goes smoothly.

A woman using Planter - AI-based custom app solution

Custom AI-based app development

Have an idea for a custom application based on AI technology? You’ve come to the right place! At Miquido, we specialise in custom app development that is meant to create one-of-a-kind digital products just the way you envision them. We will provide you with a unique, complete solution, made with the features you request, and adjust the process to your particular business needs.

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Have some questions about AI software development?

Want to learn more about Artificial Intelligence? Browse our FAQ sections and get your answers or contact us for detailed information.

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How can my business benefit from implementing AI-powered solutions?

AI-powered solutions can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing employees to focus on more complex and creative tasks that require human expertise. This can lead to significant improvements in efficiency, which can ultimately translate into cost savings.
AI can analyze vast amounts of data swiftly and provide insights. A task that would take humans substantially much longer and whose knowledge would still have few gaps can be done quickly and accurately by AI. Weighting the time and effort to outcomes, in the end a train model will help you to make more informed and accurate decisions for less.This might also help you to identify potential risks in business operations, enabling you to take proactive steps in order to mitigate them before they grow into significant problems.
Furthermore, AI can also help you to better understand ever changing market trends. AI can recognise subtle patterns and regularities, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.
Another unique benefit of AI-powered solutions is their potential to transform customer service. Chatbots, GPT, and other AI-powered tools will provide 24/7 customer support, respond to inquiries faster and ingest new information faster. Recognize in an instant a returning user and add a touch of personalization in its messages, improving overall user experience. Ultimately, this could lead to higher satisfaction, improved retention rates, and increased revenue.

When should I use AI?

You can use AI-based solutions in any industry, regardless of company size. Therefore, there is no single answer to when to use AI in your business. However, before implementing AI in your app, it is worth considering factors such as:

App’s complexity: AI is well-suited for solving complex problems that may require a lot of time or effort from a human. AI may be a good choice if your project involves analysing large amounts of data, making swift decisions based on complex patterns or predicting outcomes based on partial information.
Scalability: AI may be a good choice if your project needs to scale up quickly and handle large volumes of data or user traffic. When your current solutions dynamically computing a vast range of information can be replaced with an AI model, trained on the same dataset, but capable of making accurate enough predictions with input data alone.
Human involvement: AI may not always be the best choice for projects that require a high degree of human interaction. While AI can be trained to make decisions based on data, it still may not be able to consider wider, human context, like subjective factors or individual preferences.

However, it is worth remembering that you can use AI-based in more ways, such as Natural Language Processing, image and video analysis, personalisation, or even cybersecurity. The choice depends on your project’s individual needs.

How much does it cost to implement AI-based solutions?

As with other technical tasks, the short answer is: it depends. Every AI project is different, and the costs can vary based on several factors.
At first, the complexity of the problem you’re trying to solve plays a big role in the cost of an AI solution. Additionally, the type of AI algorithm used, the size of your data set, and the level of customisation and integration required can all impact the cost.
To give a general overview, the cost of implementing AI-based solutions may vary from $10,000 to even $300,000. But here’s the thing – while implementing AI-based solutions may require an initial investment, the long-term benefits can often outweigh the cost. AI can improve efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings over time.

What are the main subfields of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a broad concept that covers different topics related to a variety of disciplines, as well as fields intersecting with them. The major subfields of artificial intelligence include:

  • Machine learning, which uses computer algorithms that give programs the ability to learn based on available data.
  • Natural Language Processing, which deals with the ability of a machine to understand, analyze and process human language, whether in written or spoken text.
  • Computer vision, which refers to the ability of a program to identify, classify and interpret visual images.
  • Artificial Neural Networks, which focuses on algorithms being able to mimic the functions of a human brain in order to solve complex and non-linear problems.

Which industries benefit from AI the most?

AI solutions are being implemented in a variety of different industries, but there are some that artificial intelligence has helped to truly revolutionise. One of the most obvious examples is the finance industry, where artificial intelligence solutions are used to ensure the safety of transactions, prevent credit card fraud and perform risk assessments with more detail. The industry has also benefited immensely from AI-based customer behaviourl analysis.

When it comes to profiting society as a whole, the most important use of AI has to be in the healthcare industry. With the aid of machine learning, medical professionals are able to make more informed diagnosis and choose personalised treatments for their patients. AI-powered medical imaging is also helping to diagnose serious conditions faster and with more accuracy.

The development of AI solutions has also hugely benefited the retail industry, where recommendation systems have helped to massively increase sales (as in, for example, the case of Amazon). E-commerce is perhaps also the industry that gained the most from the use of chatbots, as they’ve helped to improve and simplify customer service.

Curious about how AI can benefit your industry? Reach out to us and see what solutions would be best for your particular case.

AI expert discussing various AI-based solutions with a client

Our AI development services across industries

  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Fintech
  • Healthcare
  • Other

Increase your conversion rates and watch your sales grow thanks to our AI services for e-commerce. From product recommendation systems through demand response management and customer path analysis, all the way to price optimisation – the AI-powered possibilities for your online store are immense. We make certain that our e-commerce IT solutions work seamlessly, and are tailored to your individual business needs.

See our solutions for e-commerce

Make the most of your entertainment app by implementing AI solutions that will keep the fun going. Personalise user experience with a solid recommendation system. Perform customer sentiment analysis to understand the emotions behind your users’ actions. Improve the moderation of your app with the aid of computer vision. Use custom analytics that focus on your KPIs. Our AI services for the entertainment industry will help to optimise your digital product, while keeping your end-users satisfied.

See our solutions for entertainment

Our AI solutions for finance are meant to give companies a competitive edge in an industry that thrives on innovation. With the aid of machine learning and data science, you can be sure that your financial application gives your competitors a run for their money. Improve the security of the services you provide, target your user audience better or bring your idea for a new fintech app to reality. Our team is experienced in developing seamless digital products for finance, insurance and banking.

See our solutions for fintech

Need a healthcare application that will make life easier for both medical professionals and their patients? We can provide you with AI-based, data-driven solutions for the healthcare industry. Whether you want to create a unique healthcare solution, or simply need help with data management, we’ll make sure that your requirements are met.

See our solutions for healthcare

Don’t see your industry on our list? No problem; we’ve worked with various clients across many business fields such as education, travel, management, lifestyle, and many more. We’re always looking for new challenges, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we will do our best to answer your unique business needs. Let’s make your idea a reality!

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