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Maximise your business potential with AI development services

Use AI development services as the catalyst for a paradigm shift, transforming not just your technology but the entire capacity of your business. Integrate generative AI, machine learning, data science, and computer vision to enhance efficiency, reduce expenses and foster customer loyalty. Gain a long-term advantage by embracing tailor-made artificial intelligence solutions that can adapt to the rapidly changing market, economic, and tech landscape.

How can companies benefit from artificial intelligence development services?

From corporate giants to fast-growing startups, companies of all sizes capitalise on artificial intelligence solutions to cut costs, streamline operations, improve services, and upgrade customer experience. According to PwC, AI is projected to contribute an estimated $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030, with a predicted 40% increase in labour productivity by 2035. Check how to use the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence development services in your organisation.

Lower operational costs

Reduce the most significant business costs by automating repetitive tasks and enhancing decision-making. Use machine learning algorithms to refine demand forecasting, streamline supply chain management, and minimise operational overhead. Implement AI-powered chatbots to decrease customer support expenses by efficiently handling queries. Employ artificial intelligence solutions that predict and prevent system downtimes, resulting in maintenance cost savings.

New business opportunities

Expand into previously uncharted business branches. Automate internal processes and redirect resources toward innovation or exploring new market segments. Use artificial intelligence solutions for data analytics to develop new products and services tailored to customer needs. Personalise your cross-selling and upselling strategies, turning them into faultless AI-backed  predictions that boost sales and customer loyalty.

Improved customer experience

Providing a consistent and hassle-free customer experience doesn’t have to be costly. With the help of intelligent AI assistants, you can offer personalised and quick responses to user inquiries, making every customer feel valued and understood. Ensure a multichannel presence across websites, mobile apps, and messaging platforms to guarantee that your clients receive assistance whenever and wherever they need it.

Efficient data analysis

Artificial intelligence development services will help you gather, analyse, and use data more efficiently. With AI-powered predictive analytics, you can forecast trends and patterns based on historical data, anticipate market changes and optimise strategies proactively. Use AI solutions to sort through vast amounts of unstructured data, extracting insights from customer feedback. Understand sentiment better and make informed decisions about your products or services.

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Artificial Intelligence application development by Miquido

Shepherd a tech innovation into routine use. Choose AI development services that meet the specific needs and challenges of your business. Whether you require generative AI, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, or data science services, you can expect to receive a customised solution that will ensure long-term profitability and growth. Our team can guide you through the seamless integration of artificial intelligence software development into your business strategy, providing essential competencies and resources.

Generative AI

Use generative AI for your business purposes: efficient content creation, customer support, improved in-platform language experiences, or personalised product recommendations. Tailor LLMs like GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 to suit your specific needs by feeding them with carefully selected datasets. Create, control and adjust your artificial intelligence solutions to generate high-quality texts, images, or source code in a matter of seconds.

Machine Learning

Implement machine learning to quickly process large amounts of data and draw meaningful conclusions. Our team of ML engineers specialises in crafting custom artificial intelligence solutions that incorporate supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning techniques. By leveraging machine learning, you can make more informed decisions, accurately predict sales, improve user analytics, and streamline internal processes.

Virtual assistants

User experience plays a crucial role in determining success. This is why voice assistants and chatbots have gained immense popularity across various industries. Hire an AI development company that specialises in creating assistants that improve your communication with customers. Benefit from the wide range of AI solutions, from intelligent FAQ bots to customer service assistants and voice user interfaces.

Data Science

Get actionable insights to overview your business strategy better and reach out for new opportunities. Find patterns and analyse them to get relevant, data-based information. Take advantage of the data science team that deals with Big Data to learn about what’s important to your business, make churn predictions, run behavioural analyses, create Business Intelligence dashboards, and much more.

Computer Vision

Automate tedious tasks such as content moderation and client identity verification. Computer vision is a technology that enables machines to interpret and extract valuable insights from visual data, such as images and videos. Gain a high-level understanding of digital media while reducing operational costs: develop intelligent solutions that can recognise objects, classify photos, and index content.

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What makes Miquido a top artificial intelligence development company?

At Miquido, we don’t simply help businesses adapt to tech progress. We empower brands to drive it forward with AI development services. Over the past 12 years, our teams helped to build 250+ digital products for brands such as Warner, Dolby, Skyscanner & TUI. This experience has demonstrated that thoughtful implementation of AI can truly advance your business. See why you should trust us for exceptional AI-based digital products.

AI development services experience

Miquido is one of the pioneers in the field of AI development. We have provided cutting-edge solutions based on AI, including computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, data warehousing, and architecture for AI models. Our clients include renowned companies like PZU, SBAB, Which, and Step. The dedicated AI unit constantly explores new technological and business opportunities for our partners.

A full-service approach to AI development

We always try our best to accommodate client needs, and that means taking care of their project from beginning to end. You can bring us your product idea, and we’ll take care of everything else, from product strategy, development, maintenance, and support to potential future changes, thus eliminating the need to hire multiple teams.

Constant research and development

Companies of all sizes, from corporate giants to fast-growing startups, are leveraging AI-based solutions to enhance their operations, streamline services, and elevate customer experiences. As an AI development company, Miquido is continuously researching how ChatGPT and other Generative AI tools can benefit businesses and how their best use cases can be integrated into leading digital products.

Get to know our work process

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    Workshops & preparation

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    Design & development

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    Product release

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    Ongoing support

Learning about your goals

Understanding your business needs and getting to know your idea is crucial for getting started. We identify the scope of your project, go over the features you want to include, and pick the best solutions for your cross-platform app. If all goes smoothly, we’ll decide on proceeding with Flutter or React Native and provide you with an estimated development time. At the end of this phase, you’ll receive a general quotation and development schedule.

Preparing for development

We offer a variety of workshops depending on the stage of your project and each of them is tailored to fit your unique needs: whether you wish to focus on UX/UI features of your application, to get a deeper understanding of all its technical aspects, or to improve the overall business strategy for your product, you can be certain we’ll provide you with the best team and flawless execution. By the end of this phase, we’ll have prepared product wireframes, gathered development requirements, and have gone over the basic documentation for the project.

Bringing your application to life

Let’s get some coding done! This is where we set up the backend architecture of your app, finalise the designs, and develop your frontend solution. We pride ourselves on web and mobile applications that work on every screen: from tiny 4-inch mobiles to large kiosk devices using the best RWD patterns. On average, it takes us up to 3 months to create a fully functional MVP – a minimum viable product. However, every project is unique and the final development time depends on the app’s scope and complexity.

Launching your app on the market

With the MVP ready there’s nothing left to do but to see how your app performs with real users! We’ll take care of the deployment and release, making sure that every individual part of the system is delivered on schedule and works smoothly, without any downtime.

Our work doesn’t end here

Once your application is live, we are ready and willing to provide ongoing support. If you decide on a few extra features or changes, we’ll get straight to work. We’ll also take care of all the necessary system updates if needed. Finally, if you choose to entrust your app to your in-house team, we’ll help you plan the process and pass it on in the most effective way possible. We aim at building long-term partnerships, so we want to see you succeed as much as you do!

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Miquido presented a very innovative approach. They were always open-minded and capable of delivering reasonable solutions for typical business problems.

Director of Innovation, PZU
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We’re impressed by the Miquido attention to detail and their transparency in everything they do.

James Allan To, Chief Commercial Officer, Nextbank Software Inc.

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How can my business benefit from implementing AI-powered solutions?

AI-powered solutions can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing employees to focus on more complex and creative tasks that require human expertise. This can lead to significant improvements in efficiency, which can ultimately translate into cost savings.
AI can analyze vast amounts of data swiftly and provide insights. A task that would take humans substantially much longer and whose knowledge would still have few gaps can be done quickly and accurately by AI. Weighting the time and effort to outcomes, in the end a train model will help you to make more informed and accurate decisions for less.This might also help you to identify potential risks in business operations, enabling you to take proactive steps in order to mitigate them before they grow into significant problems.
Furthermore, AI can also help you to better understand ever changing market trends. AI can recognise subtle patterns and regularities, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.
Another unique benefit of AI-powered solutions is their potential to transform customer service. Chatbots, GPT, and other AI-powered tools will provide 24/7 customer support, respond to inquiries faster and ingest new information faster. Recognize in an instant a returning user and add a touch of personalization in its messages, improving overall user experience. Ultimately, this could lead to higher satisfaction, improved retention rates, and increased revenue.

When should I use AI?

You can use AI-based solutions in any industry, regardless of company size. Therefore, there is no single answer to when to use AI in your business. However, before implementing AI in your app, it is worth considering factors such as:

App’s complexity: AI is well-suited for solving complex problems that may require a lot of time or effort from a human. AI may be a good choice if your project involves analysing large amounts of data, making swift decisions based on complex patterns or predicting outcomes based on partial information.
Scalability: AI may be a good choice if your project needs to scale up quickly and handle large volumes of data or user traffic. When your current solutions dynamically computing a vast range of information can be replaced with an AI model, trained on the same dataset, but capable of making accurate enough predictions with input data alone.
Human involvement: AI may not always be the best choice for projects that require a high degree of human interaction. While AI can be trained to make decisions based on data, it still may not be able to consider wider, human context, like subjective factors or individual preferences.

However, it is worth remembering that you can use AI-based in more ways, such as Natural Language Processing, image and video analysis, personalisation, or even cybersecurity. The choice depends on your project’s individual needs.

How much does it cost to implement AI-based solutions?

As with other technical tasks, the short answer is: it depends. Every AI project is different, and the costs can vary based on several factors.
At first, the complexity of the problem you’re trying to solve plays a big role in the cost of an AI solution. Additionally, the type of AI algorithm used, the size of your data set, and the level of customisation and integration required can all impact the cost.
To give a general overview, the cost of implementing AI-based solutions may vary from $10,000 to even $300,000. But here’s the thing – while implementing AI-based solutions may require an initial investment, the long-term benefits can often outweigh the cost. AI can improve efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings over time.

What are the main subfields of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a broad concept that covers different topics related to a variety of disciplines, as well as fields intersecting with them. The major subfields of artificial intelligence include:

  • Machine learning, which uses computer algorithms that give programs the ability to learn based on available data.
  • Natural Language Processing, which deals with the ability of a machine to understand, analyze and process human language, whether in written or spoken text.
  • Computer vision, which refers to the ability of a program to identify, classify and interpret visual images.
  • Artificial Neural Networks, which focuses on algorithms being able to mimic the functions of a human brain in order to solve complex and non-linear problems.

Which industries benefit from AI the most?

AI solutions are being implemented in a variety of different industries, but there are some that artificial intelligence has helped to truly revolutionise. One of the most obvious examples is the finance industry, where artificial intelligence solutions are used to ensure the safety of transactions, prevent credit card fraud and perform risk assessments with more detail. The industry has also benefited immensely from AI-based customer behaviourl analysis.

When it comes to profiting society as a whole, the most important use of AI has to be in the healthcare industry. With the aid of machine learning, medical professionals are able to make more informed diagnosis and choose personalised treatments for their patients. AI-powered medical imaging is also helping to diagnose serious conditions faster and with more accuracy.

The development of AI solutions has also hugely benefited the retail industry, where recommendation systems have helped to massively increase sales (as in, for example, the case of Amazon). E-commerce is perhaps also the industry that gained the most from the use of chatbots, as they’ve helped to improve and simplify customer service.

Curious about how AI can benefit your industry? Reach out to us and see what solutions would be best for your particular case.

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