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Streamline operations with a reliable mobile banking software provider

Looking to create secure and functional banking software? Seeking a strategic consulting partner? We’ve got the tools, frameworks, established processes, and audit skills to analyse and innovate your business. Partner up with Miquido, a software company with in-depth knowledge of the banking sector. Benefit from complex financial solutions integrating new technologies such as AI, ML, or blockchain, delivering innovative and scalable platforms to the mobile banking industry.

Enhance operations and drive innovation with new technologies

Embrace cutting-edge technologies like cross-platform app development, GenAI, core banking, or credit scoring to boost operational efficiency. Become an innovator in the financial industry. Learn how implementing custom software solutions can drive success in financial institutions. Ready to refine your banking business? Find out why we’re the ideal choice to make it happen!

Enhanced customer experience

Leverage the power of modern mobile banking software development, offering tailor-made services and features to elevate customer satisfaction. Utilise mobile apps and platforms as direct channels for seamless customer engagement. Establish real-time connections with users through push notifications, personalised content, and in-app communication. Keep your customers informed, encourage interaction, and unlock a more dynamic and satisfying banking experience.

AI-powered process automation

Take charge of secure transactions and combat credit card fraud with Artificial Intelligence. Incorporate AI, machine learning, and deep learning into your banking systems to monitor user transactions, provide prompt customised recommendations, and ensure a high level of security for your customers’ assets. Perform loan risk assessments more efficiently, using AI to examine the data of potential loan recipients and identify associated risks.

Comprehensive service from one supplier

Forget the hassle of juggling multiple vendors to complete a single project. Miquido covers every aspect of your project lifecycle, eliminating the need for fragmented engagements. As a one-stop banking development vendor, we streamline coordination, bypassing miscommunications between the backend and frontend, ensuring a smooth project cycle. Our integrated approach guarantees safety and a holistic understanding of banking requirements.


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Mobile banking application development provided by Miquido

Experience the benefits of technological advancement and cost-effective and scalable solutions. From mobile and web software development, mobile wallets, and custom cloud integration to AI-based credit scoring and conversational databases, our banking services offer a strategic blend of innovation and efficiency. See what we can do for your business.

Access to top-notch technologies and guidance

Harness our expertise fueled by the latest technologies, such as AI and Machine Learning, to fortify fraud detection, authentication enhancement, and personalised recommendations. By leveraging machine learning, we craft state-of-the-art mobile banking apps that provide customers with a secure and seamless banking experience. Using cross-platform frameworks, we guarantee scalable and time-efficient app development, ensuring compatibility for both iOS and Android users.

Web and mobile banking

Enhance the banking experience with mobile and web services tailored exclusively for the financial sector. Embrace convenience and accessibility, providing a mobile banking application that empowers customers to manage their finances seamlessly on the go. Let your customers enjoy 24/7 access to their accounts, enabling swift and secure transactions, real-time notifications, and personalised financial insights at their fingertips.

Core banking

Experience the power of our cutting-edge core banking platform, meticulously crafted to streamline your daily banking operations and transactions. With essential features, including scoring engines, seamless onboarding, efficient transaction management, rapid loan processing, and precise general ledger management, we’ve got you covered. Rest assured, our platform complies with all requisite financial and security regulations, ensuring both reliability and peace of mind.


Facilitate seamless connectivity and interoperability between software applications, CRM systems, and data within one banking infrastructure. Streamline communication between disparate technologies through API, ensuring a smooth flow of on-premises data with information located in cloud-based applications. Integration-as-a-Service provides you with a consistent architecture connecting applications and resources in one scalable interface.

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What makes Miquido a leading mobile banking development company?

Embrace digital transformation, essential to remaining competitive and growing in the financial landscape. Developing an effective strategy requires considerable effort, experience, and up-to-date technology, business, and marketing knowledge. Don’t navigate this journey alone. If you seek consultancy or help with your banking software development, look no further than Miquido. Here’s why:

Your mobile banking application development in good hands

Over the past 13 years, our teams have been instrumental in creating over 250 innovative digital products, making banking our core area of competence. Our customer portfolio includes esteemed financial brands such as BNP Paribas, Nextbank, Aviva, SBAB, and PZU. We are an experienced provider of banking software development services, certified by Google and considered one of the best mobile application suppliers in the UK.

Comprehensive approach

Our services encompass more than development. We offer consultancy across diverse domains, including business strategy, product design, and full-stack. We have all the tools and expertise to support the banking industry at all levels of product development, introducing business-streamlining solutions and innovative elements to the already functioning products. Committed to delivering solutions that enhance your business and cater to software users’ needs, we ensure scalability and adaptability to the market dynamics in the long run.

We are the innovation expert in digital banking

With a wealth of experience in crafting financial products and a deep understanding of banking industry dynamics, we stand ready to share our know-how and insights, guiding you on critical focus areas. Whether you require scalable applications, reinforced security protocols, or advanced functionalities, Miquido’s proficiency in banking software development guarantees you receive digital banking solutions to the highest industry standards. We keep track of the latest trends and are capable of implementing them to the benefit of your organisation.

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We’re impressed by Miquido’s attention to detail and their transparency in everything they do.”

James Allan To, Chief Commercial Officer, Nextbank Software Inc.
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They have a skilled workforce with great skills when it comes to design, development and QA.”

Kristoffer Namark, Product Manager, SBAB

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How to ensure banking app’s security?

App security is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects of every financial application. At Miquido, we place a high value on protecting our digital solutions. To ensure the safety of your solution, it’s worth remembering a few key steps:

  • Data encryption
    This is an essential aspect of every financial app. All important data such as user credentials and transaction data should be encrypted to protect the users against unauthorised access.
  • Secure communication protocols
    Using secure communication protocols such as SSL or TLS to encrypt the data transmitted between the app and the server is an essential part of providing the appropriate confidentiality, authentication, and content-integrity protection. Also implementing certificate pinning can ensure that the app only communicates with trusted servers.
  • User’s activity monitoring
    This step helps detect some unusual activity quickly and may help prevent potential fraud. In case of suspicious activity, the application should send real-time alerts.
  • Multi-factor authentication
    It’s an extra layer of security in the application. Multi-factor authentication may include a combination of passwords, the token held by the user, or biometric identification.
  • Secure code practices
    Ensuring that the application is free of any vulnerabilities is crucial. That is why providing regular security audits, coding standards, code reviews, and vulnerability testing is essential.
  • Regular updates
    Updates provided regularly may help detect and patch any security issues or bugs. It is also worth remembering to encourage users to update their apps to the latest version regularly.

These are just some of the ways to take care of application security. It is also worth mentioning that there can be no half-measures regarding security when it comes to digital solutions.

How much does it cost to develop a banking app?

The cost of developing a banking app is a highly individual matter. It can vary depending on several factors , including the app’s complexity, the technology chosen, the features and functionality required, the level of security required, the development team’s country of origin, or legal requirements that need to be fulfilled.
In general, the cost of developing a banking app can range from $50,000 to $300,000 or more. The price of developing a mobile app is based mainly on the costs associated with the project team and is related to the employees’ hourly wages. The budget should also include all of the expenses related to the project, including development, testing, security, and ongoing maintenance and support.
However, it is worth remembering that the cost should be one of many considerations when developing a banking app. Other factors, such as security, user experience, and compliance with regulations, should also be taken into account, as they are vital aspects related to the success of your application.
Ultimately, the cost of developing a banking app will depend on the unique needs and requirements of the project. By working closely with clients and taking a comprehensive approach, a good software development company can ensure that the app is both cost-effective and meets all necessary requirements for security and functionality.

Which programming language to choose for banking app development?

There are several programming languages commonly used for banking app development:

  • Java
    Java is one of the most popular programming languages when it comes to banking development. This language is a perfect choice for projects that require a high level of security . Java is especially appreciated for its high stability and efficiency . It is also worth mentioning that Java is platform-independent and has a vast ecosystem of tools or libraries.
  • Python
    Although it is known more for its use in the field of machine learning, Python is another programming language that is gaining popularity in the financial industry. It is particularly appreciated for its usefulness related to data analysis or financial modelling . Python will therefore be an excellent choice for data-driven banking apps .
  • JavaScript
    Java Script is readily used to create the frontend of banking applications . It can be used to create dynamic forms, validate user input, and provide real-time feedback to users. This language allows web applications to be built using Single Page Application technology, which makes the application much easier to use intuitively. Java Script is particularly appreciated for its stability and high-level support .

These are just some of the languages readily used to develop banking applications. Each of these languages has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, the choice will ultimately depend on several factors, such as your requirements, the target platform, the development team’s expertise, and the app’s scalability and security requirements.

How is AI used in mobile banking?

The development of AI has completely transformed many industries – including the banking sector. Artificial Intelligence algorithms can be used in financial applications in many different aspects:

  • Fraud Detection
    Machine learning algorithms are able to analyse collected data and identify patterns of related fraud activity. This may be particularly useful in helping companies prevent fraudulent transactions and protect customer data and assets.
  • Chatbots
    Chatbots are incredibly useful in mobile banking, as they can provide customers with 24/7 access to chat or banking services . They may also offer personalised customer recommendations based on their previous transaction history.
  • Authentication
    Artificial Intelligence may also be used in mobile banking biometric authentication. Machine learning algorithms can analyse all biometric data, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, to verify the user. This provides a higher level of security in modern banking apps.
  • Personalised recommendations
    AI algorithms can provide insightful recommendations such as saving tips or debt management strategies by analysing customer spending patterns or habits. This, in turn, may increase the positive user experience.
  • Risk management
    AI-powered algorithms can analyse vast amounts of customer data, including transaction history, spending patterns, and other behaviour patterns, to detect anomalies and flag potential fraud or risk.
  • Credit scoring
    By analysing various data points such as income, employment history, payment history, and debt-to-income ratio, AI algorithms can provide a more objective and accurate credit score, enabling banks to make better decisions.
  • Voice banking
    Voice recognition technology combined with AI is being used to create voice banking applications that allow customers to perform various banking tasks using voice commands.

AI is transforming the mobile banking industry by enhancing security and improving operational efficiency. With AI’s capabilities in fraud detection, personalised recommendations, and authentication enhancement, fintech is advancing to better serve its customers. In conclusion, by leveraging machine learning, software development companies can create state-of-the-art mobile banking apps that offer customers a seamless and secure banking experience.

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