How to choose a mobile app development company: 7 practical tips

16 Oct 2020 | 12 min read
How to choose the best mobile app development company

The demand for software solutions is constantly growing – particularly in mobile devices, which have already overtaken desktops. According to the most recent data, there are nearly 2.8 million apps available for download in the Google Play Store*. That number is only predicted to grow in the future.  If you already have the desire to create the next hit app – hold on. Before you kick off, first you need to find someone who will write the code for you. However, it may not be a piece of cake. How to choose a mobile app development company that’s right for you?

You most probably don’t have internal resources at your disposal and will have to need to find an external team. In Clutch alone, there are nearly 6000 software houses ready to do the job. How do you figure out which one is right for you?

Take a look at our guide on how to choose the best software development company that will transform your initial idea into a tangible product.

Before you begin…

Before you even start to search for your perfect technology partner, first you need to do your homework. That means deciding what you’re actually searching for.

There are a few factors that can help you to define your perfect mobile app development company. Take a closer look at them and answer the questions below:

  • How big is my company? What is its development stage?
  • What is my mission? Do I have a vision?
  • Who is my client? How can I help them? What USP (Unique Selling Proposition) can I offer? 
  • Do I have the internal resources capable of supporting the project?

Once you’re ready with your answers, write them down, or just keep them in mind. Believe us: searching for a mobile app development company will become way easier with them. They will help you kick off the dialog with your potential technology partner and ensure more accurate implementation.

7 tips to choose the best mobile app development agency

Once you’re aware of your needs, you can start searching for your perfect mobile software development company. Here are 7 tips we advise that you follow to make sure you’ll make the right choice. 

1. Follow the recommendations

Imagine searching for a dentist to treat your toothache. Would you trust a random contact from the net? Well, you would most probably do some research and first ask around among your family and friends. Surprisingly, it may work exactly the same when it comes to searching for the best mobile app developers.

Sometimes simple solutions are the best: just use your network and start asking around. There’s no better way to test a potential partner than to ask their former clients for their opinion. They will precisely inform you about the pros and cons of their cooperation. Thanks to that, they will be able to provide you with valuable tips. For instance, nearly 90% of Miquido’s clients heard of us through the grapevine. 

If you really don’t know anyone who could connect you with some contacts, platforms like Clutch also offer this service. These websites gather potential partners and provide visitors with information about their technology focus like Al, mobile development, custom development. If you have no idea where to search, feel free to start there. Simply follow the recommendations of other users and check their reviews – it will surely be more than helpful.

2. Check out their portfolio

Years of experience should result in a number of implemented projects. Make sure that your potential mobile development company has already done a similar job and is capable of delivering the product you need. Information about their experience in multiple industries (like e-commerce, banking, or healthcare) and technology focus might be more than helpful. Catching a glimpse of their portfolio will be a huge step towards verifying the quality and creativity of their work.

Taking a look at their portfolio might be also an inspiration to verify and improve your initial idea. Your potential partner might have knowledge of solutions that might perfectly fit your project, but you’re not even aware of their existence. The right technology partner will perform a critical attitude towards your ideas and will be ready to come up with their own if such a need arises. For instance, at Miquido we provide our clients with product ideation and strategy services to help them to figure out the best possible digital product strategy.

3. Fit the budget

Although money should never be the major criteria for choosing a mobile app development company, let’s be frank: the budget is important, especially for a startup. However, we are aware that finding the right balance between quality and cost is never easy. First of all, go back to square one and consider the profile of your company. It will surely clarify whether you need to work with a corporation, a middle-sized software house, or just a freelancer, and will help you to estimate the rate.

When deciding on the budget, remember to always think in the long term. The company claiming to be the cheapest on the market might seem attractive, but bears the risk of low quality.

Don’t fall for an illusion – make sure that your project will not turn into a financial failure in the long term. Believe us: when you’re just kicking off, you don’t have the spare budget to waste on second passes. You must be aware that one of the top reasons of startups’ failures are financial issues, usually generated by long delivery time and endless corrections.

For instance, at Miquido we work within the ‘time&materials’ method. It is based on the working days of programmers involved in the project. To put it simply, each day of delay generates additional cost. The right technology partner should provide you with a clear budget estimation based on the project’s requirements. They should also assist you in managing the finances on the next development stages. 

4. Verify their proactivity

As a product owner, you don’t need to have advanced IT skills – but your mobile app development company definitely should. This is why you don’t need a contractor, but a real partner who will support you on all technical aspects of your project. To make sure they will offer you the best available services, present to them all the desired features of your app and ask for the potential solutions. They should provide you with all the pros and cons and proactive advisory. If the partner considers your individual needs and strives to offer you best-fitting technology, this is one of the things that distinguish exceptional software providers.

Answer the questions below:

  • How mature is my project? Is it just an idea, an early stage of production, or an established product ready for further improvements?
  • Do I have the design? Do I need help with UX design services?
  • Where do I want to release my app? Is it for Android, IOS – or maybe both of them?
  • Do I need integration with e-commerce tools, CRMs, or social media?
  • What is my business concept? What is the business goal of the project?
  • Who is my target audience? Who is the end user?
  • What features do I need in my app?

A good and trustworthy technology partner should provide you with solid advice and a clear picture of the expected result.

5. Take care of communication

At the end of the day it’s nice to cooperate with someone you like to work with, right? However, communication is not only about a smooth conversation. First of all, it demands sticking to deadlines and informing you about risks, issues, delays and project implementation progress. No one wants to watch over the shoulder of their contractors. Make sure they will provide you with all the important updates.

For instance, at Miquido we provide our clients with top transparency. We never start project implementation without the backlog, all hands on deck and full documentation. We also assign a dedicated project manager responsible for the project implementation. They work closely with the decision-making person from the client’s team. That way, the client can monitor the progress, using tools like Jira or Confluence, and always ask for updates. Moreover, each of our partners is always welcomed to visit us in our office and meet the team in person. 

6. Check they scope off their assistance

Releasing a mobile app is just the beginning. If you want it to grow, sooner or later you will need to improve it. It’s natural that you may wish to add some features, or simply fix whatever is not working well. 

It may also happen that you decide to keep working on your project in-house. The right software house should respect this. Make sure that your technology partner will provide you with ongoing support and smooth assistance on changes. Also, remember to agree on all the details: conditions, fares, and the scope of the maintenance.

7. Take a deep look into the contract

Last but not least, remember to check whether you will own the produced code and receive a written copyright assignment. It should state clearly in the document that you own all the design, content, and source code of the developed app – and at Miquido it does. Moreover, a trustworthy mobile development partner should not bind you to them to keep your app running but leave you the space to change the provider once you’re in need.

At Miquido we not only pay top attention to transparency and provide our clients with all necessary documents, but also secure and comfortable contract commitments.

It’s obvious that mobile app development is already a global trend, and that investors are aware that a mobile-friendly website is not enough to build a successful business. Therefore, make sure you have a competitive advantage with the best mobile website development company before your competitors do.

Looking for the right mobile development agency?

If you’re searching for a partner who has the technical expertise, a proven history, and good communication skills, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are excited to hear about your idea and help you turn it into a ready-to-use product!

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