Does Flutter really boost developer productivity?

16 Nov 2022 | 12 min read
does flutter boost developers productivity

Flutter was launched with a vision to enable developers to paint pixels on any screen from a single code base. Its popularity as a cross-platform mobile framework indeed grows from one year to another, with over 42% of developers declaring that they use Flutter and leaving behind other frameworks (even its fierce competitor – React Native). 

While the first version of Flutter – Flutter 1 – supported two key platforms: iOS, and Android, there was still a long way to go. In 2022 Google I/O, just three years after the initial launch, released Flutter 3. It includes support for Mac OS and Linux apps letting anyone create high-quality, beautiful experiences on six different platforms, all from a single codebase! Furthermore, Flutter 3 also adds new performance-focused features to the Flutter DevTools. 

Flutter: six different platforms from a single codebase

Concerning the above, what are the benefits for businesses willing to develop their products with Flutter? 

91% of developers agree that Flutter reduced the time it took to build and publish an app. Most importantly, their survey shows that coding in Flutter eliminates the need to create separate codebases for Android, iOS, Linux, and the web. In brief, it means:

  • You don’t need to develop and then update or add new features in two native apps,
  • You can choose IOS or Android software first and then add a web version if needed – the process is scalable,
  • You gain the possibility of rapid prototyping, which saves the project team’s time and let you validate your product faster.

Doesn’t it all sound like a development-time and productivity booster? Let’s dig deeper and explore more productivity-supporting aspects of Flutter mobile app development.

Flutter for any device

Flutter’s tech stack contributes to increased effectiveness

Sometimes, it is simply impossible to squeeze more into 24 hours.

That is why the idea of doing less but of higher quality and with more flexibility is getting developers and project managers on board. Especially since there is much more to development work than just writing code!

All the other tasks, including requirements analysis, UX and UI design, testing, software maintenance, and deployment, play a huge part in the whole app and web app development services. Thus, if you can save some time during the process thanks to the particular framework’s tech stack, you are on a good path to increasing work effectiveness.

Code preview changes with Hot Reload in Flutter

Thanks to Flutter Hot Reload feature, it’s faster and easier to experiment, build UIs, adjust characteristics, and fix bugs during development. Hot reload lets the developer see the code changes without reloading the entire app. All that’s needed is to save the code so that only the new files will be reloaded. 

Flutter Expert from Miquido

Despite changes in dozens of files, Flutter’s Hot Reload is a very scalable solution that works without a hitch.

One codebase to save everyone’s time

Flutter’s one codebase fosters the speed of application development. It lets developers focus on the business logic and perspective without going into the specifics of each platform. Most importantly, one codebase saves time and creates fewer bugs, thanks to the possibility of focusing on one source code instead of maintaining various codebases for each platform. 

Fluttering UI with Skia rendering engine

Flutter has the Skia C++ graphics engine, which lets developers create applications that allow compliance with designs on all platforms. Moreover, Flutter doesn’t require incorporating bridges for developers like in other frameworks, which often can slow down the system. Skia ensures smooth, faultless implementation of the UI and, consequently, accelerates the development.

Flutter’s ability to precisely estimate the project completion time

One of the key challenges during native development is forecasting the delivery time, all kinds of costs, and resources needed to produce the desired mobile application or web project.

If there is one thing about Flutter we are sure about, it is a better estimation of a project’s overall level of stakeholder effort. A closer estimate of project completion time contributes to product development and marketing strategy, making the product launch and growth seamless.

Well-structured Backlog

A single codebase for different platforms means greater control over the entire project. The project team can put all the necessary tasks into one backlog, reflecting the roadmap better and making it possible to estimate completion time more accurately.

Moreover, one backlog ensures your team collaborates on just one design code. As a result, your final product requires less testing throughout the development process.

Backlog structure with Flutter

A well-structured backlog is one of the key factors for the united fellowship of a project’s contributors and stakeholders. With Flutter, they can work together, focusing on the big picture of user-centered solutions instead of on software and platform-related issues arising from various teams’ project engagement.

No need to wait for installation 

Flutter Version Manager allows the developers to test the app against the upcoming new Flutter releases quickly. Thanks to the FVM, they can have multiple Flutter versions installed on a local machine and don’t need to wait for Flutter installation every time, which is definitely another productivity-boosting Flutter merit!

Flutter’s growing popularity

The group of businesses that choose Flutter cross-platform framework as the primary tool for developing their solution is constantly growing. Flutter is becoming widely spread among startups willing to develop their disrupting products and among stable, long-lasting on-market enterprises.

Companies such as ING, Google, Baidu, eBay, Uber, and others are choosing Flutter for its great productivity-boosting aspects!

Bloc: Great Flutter library & community with a team spirit

The goal of Bloc-Flutter’s library is to facilitate testability and reusability. Thanks to its huge set of packages containing only Dart code, APIs, and easily accessible widgets and plugins containing native code, developers can use functionalities related to a given platform and, as a result, write new features faster and cheaper with less code.

In Miquido, we truly support the idea of knowledge sharing (and caring). In 2022, our company proudly became one of the first sponsors for Flutter’s Bloc library.

Miquido Sponsors Bloc

Faster delivery of MVP & less time for app optimization

Undoubtedly, coding in Flutter takes less time than developing a native app. But what exactly does it mean for businesses willing to go to market with their innovative app idea? Firstly, it is estimated that it can take up to 20% – 50% less time to develop an MVP with Flutter. 

As to building the app, you don’t need to look for vendors of two different technologies and then arrange and manage their work simultaneously. However, this doesn’t mean it is possible to limit the number of tasks undertaken by half. It is often a bit more complicated to deliver a certain functionality for cross-platform, which is why we can estimate the reduction in app development time at around 30%.

Let’s look at an award-winning Flutter app developed by Miquido for Abbey Road Studios.

Flutter App development case study

Our team created the native iOS app and its twin Flutter version in just 10 weeks, overcoming the audio latency issues on Android. Our collaboration took over two years, and the client described us as one of the easiest vendors they have ever worked with in the digital space! We really had our client’s interests in mind and went the extra mile in delivering the software within a flexible scope.

Let us Flutter you

85% of developers agreed that Flutter made their app more beautiful than before. Our experts also admit that thanks to the implementation of SDK and plug-ins, the app development is smooth and simple, and the final result of the app is definitely eye-catching. 

That’s why we recommend Flutter for projects requiring frequent updates and cross-platform development to meet specific user needs and high design expectations.

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