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Hire business-oriented web applications developers

Ensure effective communication with your users by creating a custom web application that meets their highest requirements and provides a smooth user flow. Whether you need thorough research about your web idea, want to integrate AI features to reach your customers better, or move your existing project to the cloud, our teams of custom web application developers and strategy experts are here to help you reach your business goals.

Elevate your web project with custom web application development services

Back up your web application with the highest-quality code

Ensure secure web architecture for startup or enterprise web application development. Our teams deliver only high-quality code using technological and cultural initiatives. This approach ensures long-term business advantages, product success, software quality, and durability.

Develop a full-stack web application from scratch

Our team of product strategists, UX designers and developers can assist you in optimising all processes behind your web project, from product discovery, through prototypes and MVPs, to the fully ready-made web application for future growth.

Revamp or scale your web application solutions

Revitalise your web application or extend its functionalities to reach new target groups and adapt to the changing market specifics and trends. As a top-rated web application development company, we have been honoured to work for known brands from various industries like FinTech, eCommerce, Music, Healthcare, Entertainment and Travel. We will join your project smoothly and efficiently – raising the stakes with fresh ideas and a business-oriented approach.

Take care of web app legacy modernisation

90% of IT decision-makers claim that legacy software is holding them back. Ensure that your native custom web app or a progressive web app complies with the newest standards. We can upgrade it the right way by maintaining your codebase, fixing bugs, and replacing outdated systems.

Web app develpment mockup

Case study: Nextbank Cloud banking solutions to 35+ banks in Southeast Asia

Nextbank offers a seamless and fully-digital banking experience with Mobile and Web Banking apps. Its cloud software enables customers to check their balance, track their transaction history, send fund transfers, and pay bills.

Our team of custom web application developers worked for several systems for Nextbank like Cloud Core Banking, Web Internet Banking, Mobile Internet Banking, Agency Banking, AI Credit Scoring, and more. We are also proud to say that the web app won 2nd place for best fintech startup in 2020!

Nextbank's web app mockup
12  months

time to deliver full-scope core banking system

22 M+

number of transactions processed to date

$ 150 M+

volume of transactions processed to date

Discover custom web application development services

Front-end development

An impeccable frontend is a must when building a web app that’s visually appealing and highly functional. Ensure that your customers get the responsive, well-performing digital product they deserve. Our experienced Angular, Vue.js and React frontend developers have spent thousands of hours crafting world-class web apps for big brands such as Herbalife, HelloFresh, Travelport, and Universal Music Group.

Back-end development

An efficient web application isn’t only about the user interface but about how it works behind the scenes, on the server side, and is crucial when it comes to ensuring stable and secure performance. Our development team gained experience from robust back-end solutions for startups and enterprises – from a Node.js-based MVP to a scalable microservices architecture written in Go or Java, handling thousands of users.

Cross-platform development

Cross-platform frameworks allow development teams to produce iOS, Android and web applications using one shared codebase. With React Native and Flutter Web, you don’t have to look for vendors of three different technologies and then synchronise their work. Develop your digital product faster, reduce costs, and simplify maintenance processes with our team of cross-platform development pioneers.

Web development teams

Receive professional web developers’ support when choosing the best language to build a web app. Quickly verify needed frameworks, databases and operating systems for your next disrupting mobile and desktop web project. Consult the best-suited digital product solutions according to enterprise, scaleup, or startup business size and speed up your project time-to-market.

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Hire a top web application development company that empowers your ideas and business success

Miquido, as a top-rated web development company, is all about celebrating the astonishing diversity of every creative vision, brand ideal, and business objective. We always challenge our teams, partners, and clients to go off the beaten track and reach their extraordinary destinations in extraordinary ways. Working with Miquido on custom web application development, you can count on the complete commitment of our development and delivery experts.

Team seniority

Since most of our team is either on the senior or regular level, you receive the right combination of experience and unconventional thinking.

Quality excellence

We will assign a dedicated Scrum Master (Project Manager) that will focus not only on the quality of technical aspects but also will assure smooth communication

Proudly facing challenges

Our development team will keep the risk log maintained from the very beginning of the project and let you know what to expect at each stage of the development process.

Long-term partnership

Most of our client partnerships are long terms and last on average 5 years – even though we are big fans of MVPs.

What does it mean to outsource to Miquido as a web application development agency?

Dedicated full product team on demand

Miquido is a full-stack app development company with over 300 employees on board. Ninety-two percent of our UX, UI, development, QA & PM experts are regulars and seniors with many years of experience in large-scale projects for industry leaders. The best part? You can count on their support at each stage of the project.

Complete technical documentation

Sometimes, the highest stake in a project is time. Yet, we never allow increasing technical debt to become an overwhelming problem. We care for the highest quality of the delivered code and technical documentation – and treat refactoring as a vital part of every web app development lifecycle.

Extra support from industry experts

Receives ongoing support from our tech leads, UX, experts, data scientists & DevOps for each project. Depending on your project’s needs, as part of our web application development services, you can count on professional guidance in the context of architecture, implementation, and general process strategy.

Get to know our work process

  • 1

    Scoping & estimation

  • 2

    Workshops & preparation

  • 3

    Design & usability

  • 4

    Web application
    development & launch

  • 5

    Maintenance & support

Ensure the technical feasibility and receive concrete time and cost estimation

We start with identifying the scope of your project and reviewing the product idea in the context of your business goals and requirements. We discuss the potential features, tech solutions and time required to deliver them. At the end of this stage, we are ready to give you a general development quotation and schedule.

Kick-off web development project with the right assumptions and roadmap

To make sure that your web application becomes a success, we put together a session of Data, Product or Strategy workshops, from which you can choose according to your specific needs. After this phase ends, we’ll have wireframes of your app as well as the first design drafts, development requirements, and the basic documentation of the project.

Receive a prototype of your idea and make sure you aim for the right UX and design

Time to bring your idea to life! During this phase, we complete the designs and start the development of your web application. It usually takes us 3 months to create a fully-functional minimum viable product, i.e the version of your web app that’s ready to be released to the market. Keep in mind that the length of this stage varies depending on the scope and complexity of the app.

Partner with our project managers, developers and QA to bring your web application to life

We are working closely during the whole web development process, and take care of your digital product’s release. As time is of essence during this phase, we make sure that every part of the system is released right on schedule and works seamlessly.

Taking good care of your app

Establish constant web app security and high-quality user experience. Consult our strategy, UX and development team whenever you need. We pride ourselves in building long-term relationships with our clients; if there are any additional features you’d like your product to have or an enhancement that you’d like to try out, or simply want us to take care of maintenance and support, we’re always ready to be of assistance.

Web development FAQ

How much does it cost to develop a web app?

The price of creating a web application depends on several factors, so in Poland it can range from $50,000 to as much as $250,000 or more.
The total cost of web app development services consists of, among other things:
1. The type of application: you can choose multi-page, single-page or progressive web applications. Each of these varies in complexity, which affects the price.
2. Technology: the price will depend on the technological solutions chosen and the programming language selected. The more complex the technical solutions, the higher the price will be.
3. Industry: the price of developing banking and travel apps can differ significantly. This is related, among other things, to the technical, legal and security requirements necessary to ensure the application’s safety.
4. The country of origin: this factor is mainly related to the employee’s salary. Therefore, the costs of developing an application through a company located in the USA will be higher than for European companies. Therefore, this factor is worth considering when choosing a software development company.

These are just some of the factors influencing the price of a web application. However, it is worth noting that the costs of creating an application include UX and UI design services, testing and subsequent maintenance of the application. Therefore, choosing the right one-stop software development company can significantly simplify the entire process and reduce the costs of application production.

How long does it take to develop a web application?

The development time of any digital product largely depends on two factors: the complexity of the chosen application and technology. It can take about three months to create a simple MVP application, while it can take up to a year to create a more complex one.

The time of creating a web application is related not only to the work of the developers but also to the discovery phase, product strategy, prototyping, application testing, or the work of UX and UI designers, among others. The project team size also affects the application’s production time. However, it is worth considering releasing an MVP and continuing to work on the product if you care about time. You can also significantly speed up the work of developing an app by choosing a software development company that can comprehensively handle the creation of the product, from the research phase to the release. This way, you will stay on time between your digital product’s development phases.

What are the best languages to build a web app?

In fact, it is impossible to choose the best solution dedicated to developing web applications. There are many excellent languages, and choosing the right one will depend on your needs and the technological requirements of the web application project. Therefore, a different language may be more suitable for developing fintech solutions and another for developing music applications. Furthermore, different languages are often used to create the frontend and another for the backend. However, currently among the most popular languages for developing web solutions are:
Front-end development:
– Javascript / typescript,
– Flutter for web,
– CSS.

Back-end development
– Node.js,
– Java
– Python (django)
– Go

It is also worth mentioning that, in addition to choosing the language, it is essential to select a framework that can significantly simplify developing a web application. Choosing the right solution is, therefore, a highly individual thing, and it is worth choosing a language to suit the needs of your web application.

Is web app development outsourcing the right choice for my business?

Choosing the right solution largely depends on the size and duration of the project, technology solutions, and company size. An in-house team developing web solutions may give you greater insight into the project process. However, this product tends to be more costly, as the cost of application development is comprised of employees’ monthly salaries rather than a predetermined price range.

It is also worth mentioning that the app development process is based not only on developers’ work but also on project managers, testers, UX writers or designers. This means that it is necessary to have a qualified team that will be able to carry out the various stages of the project, from the concept phase, through design, to the release of the product. This means much more responsibility, as you also have to solve problems that arise during the development process.

Therefore, if you have little experience developing digital solutions and want to know from the outset how much it will cost to create a web application, choosing a custom software development company would be much better.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

The web design process is primarily related to the front-end of the application. It aims to make the design of the application eye-catching but, at the same time, simple and intuitive for the user. Web design is, therefore, related to the work of UX or UI designers, and its main objective is to provide the best possible user experience when interacting with the application. The design process, therefore, takes care of aspects such as the correct layout, size and colour of individual elements and readability.

Web development is based on creating applications using code.This process is responsible for the overall creation of the application itself. However, it consists of both front-end and back-end development. The main objective of this process is to ensure that the application works with specific functions and features. Web development forms the basis for the application’s existence, which the designer can visually improve. The web designer’s task will be to provide easy interaction in, for example, the registration process. The web developer will be responsible for ensuring that this registration process takes place.

Although both concepts are related to application development, web design can be part of the overall web development process.

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