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Searching for a front-end development services to craft an outstanding app? Our team will guide you through the process from start to finish. We help you choose the right strategies and deliver digital products that support your long-term business goals with exceptional designs, cutting edge technology, and flawless performance.

Front-end technologies we use

Browse through the technologies we use for our custom front-end development services and choose the one that fits your business needs and project goals best

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Focus on your users’ experience and build web apps with responsive, intuitive user interfaces with React. If you are looking for a mature, dependable, and secure front-end framework, this is the one for you. React is a high-quality tool used for front-end development by giants like Facebook and PayPal, dominating the market since 2015. Its primary focus is user interface, which results in attractive and highly interactive designs. Also, development with React is generally considered flexible and practically limitless compared to other technologies.

Frontend developer creating a web solution with Angular


Follow the example of worldwide brands such as Google, Samsung, or Forbes, and create a complex web solution with Angular. One of its main advantages is exceptional out-of-the-box usability. Since Angular comes with a wide set of pre-made features, it speeds up the development process and allows you to release your product faster while also reducing its costs. Also, Angular is widely recognized as the most consistent of front-end technologies because it allows programmers to develop a module or a component in a commonly used way. Therefore, code written with Angular is generally clean and easy-to-understand for other developers.

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Choose Vue.js to craft lightweight web solutions with delightful user interface design. Built and supported entirely by the developer community, Vue.js is a highly flexible, scalable and adaptable technology, which lets you create modern front-end solutions without going all-in with your funds. Vue-based apps are smaller in size but still perform well compared to other front-end frameworks. Importantly, Vue.js was crafted to be future-proof. Choosing it for your custom front-end development will make it easier to maintain and support your app for years to come, as all its updates are focused on backwards compatibility.

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Front-end for web development

Does your web application need a front-end? The front-end of your web application is everything your users see and interact with. It is responsible for displaying interfaces and setting up the best user experience by organising and styling the components of your page. On top of that, front-end development can help your web application to work behind the scenes as a content management tool, etc.

Two users with tablet and mobile devices

Front-end for mobile app development

In many cases, having both mobile and web applications is better for your business strategy. Quite often, a simplified mobile solution drives users to a more advanced website or the other way around (think Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). If you need both a mobile and a web app, you are going to use front-end development services for both. Your vendor should help you pick the best tech stack to ensure easy integration and compatibility between the two. But did you know you can also use website panels to manage your mobile front-end solution?

How to choose the right front-end technology for your app


If you wish to build a large application or plan on expanding your app significantly over the years, go with Angular or React. Thanks to TypeScript, React is less prone to regressions in the future.

User interface

All three build attractive UI easily. If you are OK with a generic interface, Angular has built-in Material Design options. But if you’re into more creative, brand-aware interfaces, Vue.js is for you.

Time to market

If your top priority is releasing your app to the market as fast as possible, consider using Vue.js or Angular. Both offer a variety of built-in tools, speeding up the development process.

Community support

Tech giants support both React and Angular, so they are regularly improved. Even though Vue is the only community-driven framework, it still is extremely popular and rich in resources.

Application performance

All three technologies have exceptional results here. Vue.js is known for its exceptional results when it comes to smaller applications so it will be particularly good for you if that’s the case.

Application size

If building a lightweight application is important to you, React or Vue.js are perfect for every front-end software development project. Angular is considered to be the ‘heaviest’ of the three technologies.

Cross-platform options

If you need both a mobile and a web app, consider using React. Its cross-platform sibling, React Native, lets you use the logic of the mobile to build a web solution and speed up the development.

Your company’s size

Angular is good for enterprises and large businesses with long-term development plans. If you’re a startup or a smaller company, go with Vue.js – a perfect choice for simpler front-end solutions.

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After delivering them well defined backlog, they were able to deliver functional, ready to ship piece of code almost after first iteration, despite the fact, that team was just starting to learn how to work with each other.

Michał Łabędź

Director, Content, Brainly Inc.

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The organization and the involvement of everyone assigned to the project was impressive. Working with a major time difference can be challenging but Miquido made it smooth and efficient by keeping an efficient drumbeat and achieving each deadlines.

Bart Biernat

CEO, Industree

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We’ll take care of your app from start to finish

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    Workshops & preparation

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    Design & development

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    Maintenance & support

Understanding your idea and needs

Understanding your business needs and getting to know your idea is the most important step. We identify the scope of your project, go over the features you want to include, and pick the best solutions for your app. At this stage we can usually decide on which tech stack will work best in your case and provide you with an estimated development time. At the end of this phase, you receive a general quotation and development schedule.

Laying the ground for development

Workshops work wonders when it comes to helping you choose the best strategy, sharpen your product vision, or define the app design. Each of our workshops is profiled to fit your needs precisely: whether you wish to focus on user experience and interface, to get a deeper understanding of all the technical details, or to improve the overall business strategy of your project, we arrange a dedicated team to turn your idea into a blasting success. By the end of this phase, we’ve got product wireframes, gathered development requirements, and have prepared the basic documentation for the project.

Bringing your app idea to life

Let’s get down to work! This is where we set up the backend architecture of your app, finalize your app’s designs, and code your front-end solution. We pride ourselves on web applications that work on every screen: from tiny 4-inch mobiles to large kiosk devices using the best RWD patterns. The length of this phase depends on the app scope and complexity. It usually takes us 3 months to create a fully-functional MVP – that is, a minimum viable product ready to be released to the market.

Introducing your product to the market

Time to shine! As soon as your product is complete, we take care of the deployment and release. Timing is crucial here: we make sure that every individual part of the system is released on schedule and works perfectly, without any downtime.

Taking good care of your product

Once your application is live, we provide ongoing support. If you decide that your app needs extra features or changes, we get back to work carrying on with the support services. In case you decide to transfer the project to your in-house team, we help you plan the process and make sure it goes smoothly.

Custom frontend development solutions on desktop and mobile device

Custom front-end application development

Struggling with finding a solution that fits your needs perfectly? Choose custom app development! We build our front-end solutions from scratch, carrying out detailed market research, gathering data-based insights, and studying your needs and business goals carefully to provide a solution that fits you like a glove.

It’s more than just an app – it’s an all-in-one business product ready to be deployed. Get ready for your brand to stand out with a recognizable modern design. Adjust and adapt as your business grows thanks to our products’ high scalability and flexibility. Launch as soon as possible with the development schedule and budget adjusted specifically to your business plan. No useless features, but a product that is created just for you.

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Want to know more about front-end development?

Browse through the most frequently asked questions to help you decide on the right frontend development technology for your project

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How much does front-end development cost?

There is no simple answer here. Beyond the typical factors affecting frontend development costs, some unique considerations can also impact the final price tag.

The cost of frontend development can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the project’s complexity, the skills and experience of the development team, the technology stack used, the design requirements, and the geographical location of the development team.

For instance, a simple web app with basic functionality may cost a few thousand dollars. At the same time, a complex application with dynamic features, multiple integrations, and high scalability may require tens of thousands of dollars or even more.

Moreover, the cost of frontend development can also be influenced by the type of engagement model used, such as hourly rates, fixed-price contracts, or dedicated teams. Each model has pros and cons, and selecting the one that best suits your project requirements and budget is essential.

How long does front-end development take?

​​​​Several unique factors can affect the length of time it takes to complete frontend development:

  • Project complexity: If the frontend requires a high degree of functionality, intricate user interfaces, or multiple integrations with backend systems, then the development time may be longer than a simple landing page or brochure site.
  • Experience of the development team: A skilled and experienced team may be able to complete a complex project more quickly than a less experienced team. Furthermore, the development team’s approach to frontend development can also impact the time it takes to complete. For example, a team that uses agile methodologies can complete frontend development more quickly.
  • Available tools: The availability of resources, such as development tools and libraries, can also affect the time it takes to complete frontend development. Developers with access to tools and pre-built libraries can often complete frontend development faster than those without.

It is estimated that the frontend development project will take anywhere from several weeks to several months to complete. However, this is just a general estimate, and the actual time frame could be longer or shorter depending on the project’s specific requirements.

What is the difference between front-end and back-end development?

Frontend, also known as “client-side” programming, is everything a user sees and interacts with in your application. Nowadays, frontend development is often used as a synonym for “web development”.

Backend, on the other hand, also called “server-side” programming, is what happens on the server and in the database. It’s the hardware and applications that power the features users interact with on the client-side of your app behind the scenes.

Which solution to choose for front-end development?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when choosing the right solution for frontend development. It depends on the project’s specific needs, as well as the preferences and skill sets of the development team. However, some programming languages and frameworks are particularly popular for frontend development:

  • JavaScript: It is one of the most popular programming languages for frontend development. JavaScript is widely used for building interactive web applications that run in the browser. What’s more, in the context of web application development, using a JS is simply a must-have. Everything that is created for the browser with some sort of user interaction requires JS. One of the most significant advantages of using JavaScript for frontend development is its versatility. JavaScript can be used for everything from simple web pages to large-scale enterprise applications.
  • React: This library is well-suited for building interactive and dynamic user interfaces, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring real-time data updates or complex animations. It’s known for its simplicity and ease of use, making it a favourite among many developers. One of the biggest advantages of React is its flexibility, allowing developers to integrate with other libraries and frameworks easily.
  • Angular: It is a powerful frontend framework built on top of TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript. It’s known for its high performance, scalability, and maintainability. Angular is an excellent choice for large-scale enterprise applications that require a lot of functionality and complexity. It also has a wide range of built-in features and components, making developing complex and sophisticated frontends easier.

What is included in front-end development?

To put simply, frontend development is responsible for how the app looks and feels for its users. It’s basically everything your users can see, scroll, click on, etc.

Although frontend focuses strongly on user interface, it is not directly connected with the process of designing your application. You need UI and UX designers to come up with your app looks and feels. Designs created that way can then be coded and ‘translated’ into a frontend application by a team of frontend developers.

Also, remember that frontend development doesn’t include the business logic of your application. Tasks such as data storage or processing are performed on the server by the backend application. It requires different skill sets and different tools to create backend and frontend applications. That’s why your team needs to include both backend and frontend developers.

At Miquido, we offer frontend, backend, and design services, so you get a fully functional beautiful web application!

A frontend development expert discussing various solutions with a client

We work across many industries – find yours!

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  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Fintech
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Do you want your healthcare solution to stand out with modern and intuitive design? We research the latest tech solutions for the industry, study contemporary trends and requirements to bring you a secure and dependable custom-made

We specialize in healthcare mobile app development for remote health monitoring, data management, and mHealth. We use an AI-based, data-driven approach to bring you user-oriented digital products.

Our one-stop software house can help you create an eCommerce application that serves your business needs and exceeds customer expectations. Our teams create top-performing, scalable eCommerce apps, ready to serve millions of users worldwide.

We offer eCommerce software development services to companies regardless of their size or location. Our main goal is to create intuitive, secure ecommerce IT solutions tailored to your individual business needs.

Our team is experienced in working with global entertainment pioneers, crafting custom market-winning music and video apps. Whether you are looking for advanced entertainment software with a recommendation system, a bespoke streaming service, or exceptional content quality, you’ve come to the right address!

We want to make sure your customers get an application they will love. Thanks to our professional front-end development team you’re sure to get a unique solution that will sweep users off their feet.

Front-end development can significantly improve user experience for the fintech industry, which means more profits for you! We are here to help you release cutting-edge banking and insurance software that will leave the competition behind. We craft secure fintech applications that satisfy millions of customers and transactions globally.

Based on experience gained within the fintech industry for 10+ years, our team offers end-to-end services in financial, insurance and banking app development. Business-oriented data science and machine learning solutions help us bring the most innovative ideas to life.

Making sure your app is responsive and intuitive can make all the difference. Regardless of the industry or your company’s size, we always tailor our solutions to individual needs and business objectives. Browse our other software solutions for travel, lifestyle, education, project management, and other sectors. Or maybe you’d be our first client in your niche – let’s make history together!

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