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React JS – developers’ favourite UI framework

Written in JavaScript, maintained by Facebook, used by globally recognised brands like Airbnb, Tesla, and Netflix – React holds more than 60% of the market share. This frontend solution allows you to create intuitive and easily scalable products that captivate users with easy-to-navigate designs and a seamless experience.

React development comes with many perks

Dig in to find out some of the most crucial benefits of incorporating the React JS framework as your main frontend solution

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It is dedicated to interactive User Interfaces

Design is paramount for any product’s success. In fact, 94% of your users’ first impressions come from your site’s or app’s design, which is why investing in one is always the right bet. React is a frontend-specific framework, fully dedicated to facilitating the development process of creating engaging and intuitive UI designs.. Thanks to it, your final product will have a rich, high-quality user interface that will keep your customers engaged.

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It allows custom components

Do you want to build a high-volume application? Or, perhaps, you have some old HTML mockups waiting to be modernised? Thanks to React’s JSX optimal syntax extension, developers can easily introduce custom components to the code. The value of this neat feature for you as a business owner is high-quality, clean code written in a shorter time. React JS makes all stakeholder lives easier!

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It offers better code stability

Thanks to its modular architecture, React allows for simple adjustments to the code without affecting the overall solution. A given component gets updated with next to zero effort, while the remaining part of the structure remains untouched. As a result, your product’s code is stable, which ensures that the entire solution functions smoothly. This is an irreplaceable feature for projects that plan on scaling in the future.

The most popular companies that use React JS

Many Fortune 500 companies use it

Whether you are a global enterprise or a small family business from the countryside – keep an eye on the A-team. Whenever a new technology is introduced – check whether it’s been accepted by the global giants, as it’s the only proven way to guarantee this trend will stick. Well, you don’t have to worry about all of this with React: the framework is successfully adopted by industry leaders like Netflix, NASA, Tesla, Airbnb, and many others!

How long will you wait for a React JS solution by Miquido?

2 weeks
for the prototype
3 months
for the MVP

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Here’s what our clients say about us!

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Our most trusted partner! Worked with them for years! Jumps on each challenge with great excitement and genuine interest and delivers innovative solutions

Nuno Simaria

CTO, HelloFresh

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The amount of work delivered and tested in the sprints is remarkable. Miquido even revised and fixed our previous app, which we needed for internal reasons. That was a challenge that no other company could accomplish.

Michael Milner

CEO, YouMap

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We did not have previous experience with a software development firm, but Miquido guided us through the whole process. They have a lot of experience, a good team and a proper structure in place.

Alicja Magiera-Bąk

Member of the Board, Hearty Foundation

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React is a great choice regardless of your industry

  • Healthcare
  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Fintech
  • Other

Tech development for healthcare aims at improving the productivity of medical professionals and institutions, providing new insights into potential treatments, and enhancing the overall patient experience. React is a powerful frontend framework, which can be a solid support in creating more effective healthcare solutions in accordance with the latest trends and requirements. Build a next-generation healthcare tech project with Miquido!

As an online business owner you should already have a deep understanding of the importance of rich designs for your product. Thanks to React-specific features, like faster rendering or facilitated mobile app development via React Native solution, you can effortlessly create a stunning web store with a captivating UI that will drive customers and boost your revenues in a blink of an eye. Trust our team of professionals and build a profitable business from scratch!

It doesn’t come as a surprise that entertainment products need to be pleasant to the eye, otherwise users will not be as engaged. Thanks to unique UI modules implemented with React JS, you can be sure that people will gladly spend hours interacting with your product. Many global companies know that and already leverage the full potential of this framework. Don’t stay on the bleachers and see for yourself – develop a sensational entertainment experience with Miquido.

Do you know what sets successful banking or insurance applications apart from unknown ones? Effective designs! More and more companies implement fintech solutions, which is why the competition in this industry is fierce. Get ahead of your rivals by attracting more customers via pleasant-to-look-at and easy-to-navigate products. Our team is experienced in creating secure, contemporary solutions for financial institutions. See where we can take you!

Don’t see your industry on the list? Don’t you worry! At Miquido, we are up for any challenge, and we know just how to bring your ideal vision to life. By utilising the full potential of React, we will be sure to develop a powerful solution that’ll be fast, secure, and rich in design, regardless of your specialisation. We’ve completed projects for travel, education, event management, and many more different fields – trust us with yours and let’s build the future of your business together.

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We use the latest tech stack for our React JS development services



Redux, Reselect


React Intl

React Router

React Hook Form




React JS developer at work

Everyone loves React!

React is one of the most prominent frameworks and for good reason too! So if you want your development team to work with convenient software, it is your best bet.

  • Simple, intuitive & easy-to-learn
  • Frequent updates & multiple libraries
  • Strong community support

And many more! You won’t know the full power of React until you try it for yourself and Miquido is your best bet.

User interface of a custom React app solution

Custom React development company

Do you like the idea of using React JS for your next project and don’t feel like overpaying for the features you know you won’t need? Opt-in for custom application development and ensure your solution works exactly how you intended, and looks exactly the way you envisioned it. There are many benefits of using pre-made software, however, if you have a clear vision of what you need, and you’re ready to pay a bit extra for it – custom app development might be just the right way to go!

Browse these Frequently Asked Questions about React development services

Couldn’t find the answers you were looking for? Reach out directly to us and one of our team members will make sure to clear things out for you.

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What is React JS used for?

React is a leading JavaScript library known for its versatility in frontend web development. Its primary function revolves around crafting dynamic and interactive user interfaces (UIs) for web applications. Its innovative features, including the virtual DOM and modular components, are crucial to its succcess.

Furthermore, React’s modular component architecture promotes code modularity and reusability. Developers can build self-contained components, encapsulating specific functionality and UI elements that can be seamlessly integrated and reused, streamlining development and enhancing team collaboration.

With a vast ecosystem of libraries and a thriving community, React empowers developers to expand their capabilities and tailor applications to diverse needs. Whether you’re developing a website, a web app, or a mobile application, React is the preferred choice for delivering exceptional digital experiences.

Is React JS frontend or backend?

React is a frontend library dedicated exclusively to developing user interfaces and interactive components for web and mobile applications. Its role is to enhance the visual and interactive aspects of the user experience on the client side. React’s capacity to cater to a broad spectrum of platforms, from web and mobile to desktop and TV applications, highlights its exceptional versatility in the software development realm.

When it comes to the backend of an application, React does not play a direct role in server-side logic, data storage, or database management. You’ll need a separate solution for the backend to create a complete and functional web application. Node JS is the most common pairing used to support React on the backend. If you don’t feel comfortable making such a decision on your own – reach out to us, and we will help you.

Currently, in the world of React, if you’re looking for up-to-date trends, the technology has moved towards server-side rendering. It’s strongly promoted, with the use of frameworks like Next.js and Server Side Components gaining popularity.

What applications have been developed using React?

  • Netflix: The world’s leading streaming platform, Netflix, employs React.JS to power its dynamic and user-friendly user interface.
  • Instagram: React’s component-based architecture allows Instagram to manage the complexity of user profiles, feeds, and interactions efficiently.
  • Facebook: React.JS was developed by Facebook and continues to be a cornerstone of the social media giant’s frontend development.
  • Dropbox: React’s modularity and performance optimizations make it an excellent choice for managing the complex file organization and sharing features that Dropbox offers to its users.
  • Asana: Asana, a widely used project management and collaboration tool, leverages React for its user interface.

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