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The complexity of healthcare operations requires the tech that can meet the challenge. At Miquido, we know how to achieve synergy between the latest software solutions and the demands of the healthcare industry. Just like medical professionals, we want to change the world for the better. And we’ve got just the right tools for that.

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mHealth app development

Our custom-made mobile applications are completed according to the latest health protection standards. We will guide you every step of the way to help you ideate, design, and develop advanced communication solutions for both internal medical purposes and at the patient-doctor level. All within the reach of your smartphone.

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Health data management

In healthcare, record keeping is paramount. We offer advanced digital solutions for the storage, protection and analysis of medical data derived from various sources. The Miquido team can develop software systems providing specialists with a comprehensive approach to health data and patient medical histories.

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Our healthcare software development company excels at building bespoke software for long-distance communication purposes. We design and develop medical software suitable for remote diagnosis and consultation. With a special focus on medical data security, we build applications allowing for the safe transfer and analysis of medical records.

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Remote health monitoring

We create medical apps for remote health monitoring and disease control, which saves time for both doctors and patients. Continuous remote observations help reduce risks associated with chronic disease progression. To properly address the requirements for remote patient care, we develop data-driven recommendation solutions.

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Your search for the best healthcare software development services is over! Here’s why Miquido is your best bet:

Experienced health-tech team

Miquido is a software house with a well-established position on the healthcare market. Our developers, designers, project managers, and every single member of your future project team knows exactly how to make your healthcare solution useful, effective, and one-of-a-kind. Trust the experts!

Guaranteed satisfaction

With a 4.9 rating on Clutch and 9/10 of our projects coming from referrals, we think it is safe to say that working with Miquido is going to be a pleasant experience for you! We carefully follow our “ugly truth” policy – we want you to succeed, even if it means criticising some of your ideas.

Apps adopted nation-wide

We work with public & private healthcare institutions from all over the world regardless of their size, but nothing speaks about the success of our projects more than their appeal to target users. 150 British hospitals and 35k+ users rely on the app we’ve completed and we couldn’t be more proud!

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Custom healthcare app development solution

Custom healthcare app development

Not sure if a customised application is the best choice for your healthcare company? Let us disagree! Thanks to individually tailored features and technologies included in your custom product, you can bring your idea to life exactly the way you planned. Invest in the future of your application today and opt-in for the best software, instead of settling for out-of-the-box solutions.

What is there to gain? Recognizable design to help you stand out and build a strong brand. Scalability and flexibility that lets you adjust your product as your business grows. No unnecessary features, but a product that is tailor-made for you. A development schedule and budget adjusted to your business plan. Full application support and maintenance. And that’s just to name a few!

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Got more questions about healthcare software development?

Browse these Frequently Asked questions or reach out to us directly and ask!

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Why should I use technology in healthcare?

There are many benefits of using technology in healthcare. It not only automates and streamlines administrative and clinical processes but also fundamentally elevates the quality of healthcare services. With technology, medical institutions can manage patient data more efficiently, ensuring that crucial information is well-organized.

Moreover, technology facilitates a patient-centric approach to healthcare. Patients can access their medical records or track health progress through electronic health records. Furthermore, technology reduces the potential for errors and supports evidence-based medicine.

In sum, technology allows medical institutions and individual practitioners to automate internal and external processes, simplify their management systems, store more data and process more patients more effectively, and significantly increase the quality of medical services.

What features should healthcare apps include?

The key features of a medical app largely depend on its type and purpose. However, some of the most popular functionalities in medical applications include:

  • Health Activity Tracking: From step counts and heart rate to sleep patterns, healthcare apps offer real-time insights into an individual’s health, fostering awareness.
  • Symptoms Checking: With symptom-checking features, users can input their symptoms and receive guidance on the next steps. This, in turn, greatly facilitates faster diagnosis and preventive action.
  • Appointment Management: This functionality is crucial in medical applications in the era of handling all matters online. Users can book appointments or even sync their appointments with calendars, ensuring they never miss medical consultations.
  • Video Conferencing: Especially relevant in the era of telemedicine initiated by COVID-19, healthcare apps may facilitate virtual doctor-patient interactions through secure video conferencing.
  • Reminders and Notifications: Staying on top of medication schedules, health routines, and follow-up appointments is vital for managing chronic conditions and general well-being.
  • Prescriptions: Many healthcare apps offer the convenience of digital prescription management. Users can access their prescribed medications or even order refills directly through the app, making it simpler to stay compliant with their treatment plans.

What are some healthcare application software examples?

Some of the most popular applications for doctors, med students, and patients prone to chronic diseases include:

  • UpToDate
  • Medscape
  • 3D4 Medical
  • Pepid
  • Complete Anatomy
  • Appointik
  • Microdemex drug information

There are many more, as every app is unique and aims to improve overall treatment efficiency and general healthcare awareness.

What are the future AI trends in healthcare?

The future of healthcare largely depends on AI advancements. Today, Natural Language Processing is paving the way for more intuitive and user-friendly interactions within healthcare apps. Users will experience AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants that can respond to complex medical queries in a human-like manner. Furthermore, NLP’s ability to extract insights from unstructured healthcare data may empower healthcare professionals with data-driven decision-making capabilities.

On the other hand, Machine Learning is revolutionizing healthcare apps by enabling predictive analytics and personalized healthcare. ML algorithms can identify patterns and risk factors, allowing for early disease detection and tailored treatment plans. Additionally, AI-driven telemedicine platforms will become more sophisticated, enhancing the virtual healthcare experience and extending access to quality healthcare services, particularly in underserved areas.

These advancements have the potential to not only improve patient care but also drive down healthcare costs and enhance the overall quality of healthcare delivery. As AI continues to evolve and integrate with healthcare apps, the future holds exciting possibilities for transforming healthcare management.

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