Flutter development

– Topline by Abbey Road Studios


How to build a powerful mobile app in 10 weeks using Flutter - the latest framework from Google and be featured at Google I/O 2018? One of the toughest (and greatest) projects we ever worked on – introducing case study of Topline by Abbey Road Studios.

music & video streaming

Our responsibilities

  • Flutter

  • design

  • development

  • Android

  • mobile UX


Like the native iOS app, Topline for Android is designed to catalogue original song ideas, that would otherwise be lost to the ether or within the ever-growing list of voice memos. Using Flutter, the development of the Topline MVP took us only 10 weeks. Even though the design, created by Miquido Design team, looks really simple and user-friendly, the app structure itself is very complicated and needed to have a stable and well-thought-out architecture.
There were a few challenges we had to face while developing the app. When we started the development, Flutter SDK was in an experimental Alpha version – which means it wasn’t stable. The Beta version was released only at the end of February. The team was not only unfamiliar with the technology but due to a resemblance of the technology to React – we chose a cross-tech team consisting of Front-end and Android developers. On the top of that, we decided to set ourselves quite a challenging deadline – we were determined to response to Google’s invitation and share our progress at 2018 Google I/O event.


Results & benefits

What really drives the development in IT and helps you spread the wings is working outside of your comfort zone. Projects like this one are paid for with sweat, long working hours and extreme intellectual effort – but the reward for those is priceless. What you get in exchange was in this case Flutter development experience you wouldn’t earn any other way and you expand your knowledge immensely during the process.
New technology is evolving very fast – currently, Flutter Beta 3 is available and Flutter Cookbook offers more and more solutions, which can additionally speed up the development process.