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About Trainn Solution

The all-embracing digital transformation is one of the most noteworthy things that have happened to the fitness sector. At-home workout platforms, VoD services, and mobile applications have turned physical exercises into an accessible, universal form of self-care. Thanks to fitness apps, sport is no longer a whim that requires considerable financial or time resources, specialised equipment, or a gym pass.

At the same time, when it comes to wellness, there is one unquestionable advantage of individual trainer care: the personal touch. A pinch of empathy, a motivational talk, or an additional professional recommendation. All of this served in an adequate context, tone, and at the right moment.

That being said, the fitness mobile app Trainn has it all. A custom personal trainer approach? Checked! Speed, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the mobile application? Here you are! Let’s discuss how we managed to translate the fitness expertise of personal trainer turned entrepreneur Sarah Louise into an advanced algorithm for generating workout plans.


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The background

Trainn is a cutting-edge mobile application which combines impeccable UX/UI, advanced programming, and unparalleled wellness know-how to help users achieve their individual fitness goals. Given its complexity, it’s hard to believe that the primary idea behind the Trainn is one person’s work! Trainn’s founder, Sarah Louise, is a recognised fitness coach aiming to popularise her holistic wellness method without compromising the quality of her professional approach. Hence, the core Trainn feature is the enhanced workout customisation, making the mobile app a truly inclusive experience.

The challenge

Recreating the complete personal training experience in a mobile fitness app is not an easy task. But developing a highly personalised fitness app with tailor-made training plans, a comprehensive progress tracker, and an extensive exercise video database is just extraordinarily challenging!

In Trainn, our biggest challenge was implementing the complex workout customisation feature. The tailor-made generator was supposed to allow users to select several conditions while suggesting a workout routine – including personal preferences, injuries, or previous fitness experience. The large-scale project of creating a tailor-made algorithm but also designing and developing a mobile app with a dedicated CMS required excellent project management skills and absolute fluency in Flutter, Java, and Angular frameworks. Miquido was responsible for delivering the entire mobile application from start to finish, including auditing and consulting, design, and custom mobile app development.

Our solution

Thanks to the tailor-made workout generation algorithm, Trainn became one of the most unique fitness mobile apps available on the market. Given the high, specific business expectations and the strict timeline, our product design team organised strategic workshops that helped us define the core features and agree on the minimum viable product. During the comprehensive ideation and consulting phase, our joint teams polished the final idea in a way that allowed us to set an ambitious yet achievable goal: to deliver the MVP in just 3 months.

Cost-effective development

Our product design team decided to start with a wireframing phase that helped the client to narrow down the business idea in a way that allowed us to create a complete mobile application within a strict deadline and budget. Then, the Miquido team smoothly proceeded to the UI design phase, whose final stage coincided with the mobile app development phase. To optimise the development and yet deliver a complete and efficient product, we chose the cross-platform framework Flutter – which enabled us to develop iOS and Android mobile apps simultaneously. Thanks to the efficient work of all our teams and excellent communication flow with our client, the Miquido backend team was able to take their time to perfect the real star of the Trainn app: the tailor-made workout generation algorithm.

Key takeaways:

During the prototyping phase, our design team prepared wireframes for all the critical features considered by the client. Prototypes and further estimations allowed Sarah to select her must-haves and, as a result, to define the MVP. All of this in the most conscious and stress-free way!

When the deadline’s tight, you must not miss the ideation and wireframing phase! Designing and developing mobile apps without prototypes is a thing to avoid when it comes to complex projects and demanding schedules.

Our results

Thanks to the tailor-made workout generation algorithm, Trainn became one of the most unique fitness mobile apps available on the market. The thoughtful, extensive onboarding process allows users to define specific wellness goals, but also to ultimately adjust the individual fitness plan to their needs. The algorithm developed by Miquido processes the user’s questionnaire and creates the optimal workout plan based on pre-definied rules and dependencies determined by fitness professionals. Sounds like a perfect fitness app, doesn’t it? But there’s even more to that list of top-notch features!

Personalised fitness journey

Knowing how much the client cared about reflecting the individual personal trainer experience in the mobile app, our team developed several features and micro-features that motivate and guide the user throughout his fitness journey. Personalised healthy habit trackers, weekly check-ins, additional recommendations, interactive FAQs, chats with experts, and comprehensive progress monitoring… The amount of hidden functionalities, enhancements, and extra materials makes Trainn a real gem in wellness apps. And it is no exaggeration to say that the unusual personal touch incorporated in all Trainn features truly elevates this mobile app to a new level: an actual personal trainer in your pocket.

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