The top 6 Fintech events of 2023

16 Feb 2022 | 7 min read

The recent years have been revolutionary for the way we use technology in the finance industry.  With so many changes to make note of, companies dealing with finances need to stay mindful of current trends in order to keep up with the competition. And what better way to learn about all the innovations and insights than to attend the industry most prominent fintech events? Learn all about them in this article!  

1. MWC Barcelona

MWC brings global business leaders together to discuss all connectivity related topics, including the current trends, potential and perspectives for the future. With over 1500+ speakers over the course of 5 days, MWC makes itself known as one of the most prominent business events out there. 

Fintech enthusiasts will have much to choose from during the conference, with sessions ranging from money digitalisation, the transformation of payments, and the general trends for 2023 and beyond. This is why if you’re interested in financial software development, MWC is the place to be.

MWC Barcelona fintech event

2. UK Fintech Week

The UK Fintech week is one of the few events dedicated in its entirety to financial technology. During the course of 4 days experts, founders, investors, tech innovators and leaders from all over the world will be able to share their insights on the current fintech scene and the perspectives for the future.

If you’re looking to get the most detailed information about the challenges and opportunities for the financial sector, then the UK Fintech Week is an event to look forward to.

UK Fintech Week fintech event

3. Money 20/20

Amsterdam’s Money 20/20 conference brands itself as “fintech’s biggest conversation”, and with good reason. Almost 2000 companies and 4000+ attendees joined said conversation last year, and 2023 might be even larger than that. It’s where established brands, emerging startups and self-starters can partake in an exchange of perspectives, and make their ideas known to the world. 

The agenda will be packed with industry leaders this year as well, so if you want to dive deep into the world of financial technology, make sure you have 7 – 9 June booked in your calendar. 

Money 20/20 fintech event

4. Web Summit

There are few in the tech industry that have not yet heard of Web Summit. Every year, Portugal’s capital brings together technology experts from all over the world for networking while celebrating the industry’s latest innovations. Web Summit 2022 was attended by over 71 000 people, and it’s not going to get any smaller in 2023. 

Last tear’s edition had over 700 speakers from various different industries, making the conference a true treat for any businessperson. With so many panels and speakers to choose from, fintech enthusiasts are guaranteed to gain valuable insights and connections at Web Summit. 

Web Summit fintech event
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5. The Next Web

TNW is coming back to Amsterdam in June, and those interested in financial technology should pay special attention. Attended by over ten thousand experts last year, The Next Web has a ‘Tech and Money’ theme, where the focus will be put on digital banking, fintech and the future of the financial industry. It’s definitely one of the most interesting events for founders, entrepreneurs and experts to learn more about the impact of tech on the financial industry. 

The Next Web fintech event

6. AI Waves

Miquido’s AI Waves has something special in store for the fintech industry. The event, conducted entirely online, is putting special focus on the impact of AI on the financial industry, and what the future of digital banking solutions will look like.

Aside from the focus on artificial intelligence, what makes AI Waves stand out is the fact that it is completely free, unlike other similar events. And with industry-leading experts joining us in this year’s discussion panel (that is coming soon!), AI Waves becomes a one-of-a-kind chance to explore the world of fintech in detail.

The fintech schedule is packed for 2023, with every month offering interesting events in various parts of the world. See which ones are near, and make sure you won’t miss your favourite one with our calendar of fintech events and conferences, available in our resources section:

Top fintech events and conferences of 2023
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